Tuesday, April 29, 2014

this is real blogging here, folks! look away!

so do you ever return from a trip away from home and realize that it takes you a good double-the-time-you-were-away before you get back in the groove of your daily norm? (whatever THAT is)
running season is like that ALL the time!
Like i cant quite catch up with everything i lose on the long easy days of the weekends that no longer exist. 
in fact, the breakfast nook is looking quite grand. and if you're like me and look at all these blogger's homes and think "good lord! do these people all live in mansions cleaned by maids all day and night?!", you can rest assured that this blog, my friend, definitely does NOT involve a well-kept home or a martha stewart magazine shoot. it just doesnt.
in fact, i never caught back up from the LAST weekend! AAANNNNNDDD i had to have my dad come to feed the furbabies amongst the masses of what, in younger days, he referred to as my "pig sty". (hangs head).
wanna play i spy again?

I spy...
//a soccer cleat, size 13 boys. just one, mind you, the other is under my foot in the dark of the night, cleat side up.
//running gu packets, various flavors, surprisingly NOT eaten by the dogs yet.
//a recycle item that found its way out of the fancy recycle bin - or, cardboard box, if you must.
//a stack of travel brochures for the state we already live in, because, well, staycation?
//the lego friends bakery and juice bar. more of a permanent exhibit, i think.
//the scalp of a lego man
//three different race packs, from three different races
//a partridge in a pear tree. not really, but it sounded like a good way to end it.
so, its officially freezing my butt off weather today. the kids went to school in shorts and tees and before lunchtime i was up there with sweats and jackets for the little legs and arms. go figure. hashtag: mom of the year. 
i even turned my heater back on.
to 73.
because in oklahoma, 61 with tornadic winds feels a little more like 34.
this weekend is the autism walk/run. still looking for team members!! it could be you!!

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  1. Your chairs make me happy!!! We do not race often but baseball turns my garage and utility room and one kitchen counter cra-cra and this neat freak does not love....but I love the memories!


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