Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The wind in the willows

Well, after ranting and raving about the yucky cold weather that had rolled in yesterday, I got to kinda feeling a little bit bad? Like when you think someone's an ass for not letting you out of the parking lot into the street, but then they do, and you smile and wave and call your own self an ass for judging them wrong? 
Yeah, that kinda bad.
I do hate the wind. Most of the time. Im a genetic mutant that doesn't make ear wax, so when the wind blows, it hurts my ears like you wouldn't believe. probably blowing my brain around in there. (and for that matter, do you thin kon my autopsy one day, they'll find mud all in my head, since there was no wax to collect it all before it entered?)
so before that cold storm, like just hours before, I ran to dollar tree to grab something...and it must have been really important because i have NO idea what it was now...but i grabbed a couple styrofoam airplanes and two kites for the einsteins, because, well, im cool like that. ya know, wasting dollars for cheap junk that we don't really need, but hey, MEMORIES! right? right? Is that a cricket i hear pumping its fist?? yessssss!
so after they were home, and homework was finished, out we went with our kites and string, singing let's go fly a kite all the way to the back of the yard. (and I'm talking the chorus, here, over and over. apparently i haven't played mary poppins over and over and over since em was tiny. bad parenting, i suppose. that will be remedied soon, though - if you can't sing every word to every song in MP, you are NO kid of mine!)

and so, the kites.

it would seem that the winds stopped howling on a constant basis once we came out. it was more of a catch-me-if-you-can type deal, where we'd see it rustling the leaves a few houses away, and you'd hear the warnings from one (or both) of the einsteins "ITS COOOOOMMMING!! GET READYYYYY!!!" (think: "there's a storrrrrm a-brewin'!!!!"), and they'd run and try to get the darned things up in the air as best they could.
(these pics are off my phone, btw. sorry they kinda suck)

so after the heads were sweaty and the legs were tired, i pulled out the planes.
like pulling a rabbit from a hat, and the crowd goes wild!
(please ignore the cat who looks like she's doing her bidness, but i promise you, she wasn't. bad timing.)
(or maybe she's just holding her little tiny paw up to my throat with a huge sharp talon outstretched, making me tell you that...)

and then, after a close call on mixing them up (gasp!), we decided that they needed a good paint job.

BTW, i forgot to tell you...Calypso had a birthday on this day!!
Happy Birthday, you big ol' fluffball!!

when daddy got home, he pulled out the go-pro and it was a game of seeing if anyone could actually hit the camera. it was hilarious. the footage is fab, im sure. 
and the rain had decided to come and go and come and go over and over and over as well. 
the kids, especially evan, had LOVED that their uncle alex had flown to visit on happy airlines, and that seemed to be the choice airline company for the planes.

(and, omg, we just had another earthquake.)

the storm was starting to loom overhead, so we gathered our things and headed inside. 

AND...a beautiful little painted bunting came to eat a quick meal before heading off. 
MAN, i wish i could have THOSE nesting all around my house!!
LOVE them!!

have a great day!

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  1. I am so excited to have fallen across your blog this afternoon! I just started blogging this month, when I returned to work after having my son. I've had a hard time with it, and today especially. It was so refreshing to see your posts with your beautiful family outside enjoying themselves. I also read your story and looked around a bit! This blog is absolutely amazing... I'm a fan already!

    1. Thank you chrissie! Welcome to our crazy world! ;)


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