Monday, April 14, 2014

the missing piece returns!

First of all, meet fringe. (named after what our rain gutter looked like after dobby found the little guy hiding in there). He's a regular at the bird feeders and the birdbath. A rascal, to say the least, but thats all the more reason that he hangs around, Im sure.  we're all just one big band of rascally behavior over here. 

Evan's soccer game! he's loving it, and is always WAAAAIIIIITing to play again. It's a big deal. 

The weather turned nice this past week. I say that as I sit here by the window watching the snow fall. Oklahoma weather, y'all. 85 degrees for a few days, then a deep freeze and high of 37. Totes normal. 

So, in the spirit of good weather, i decided it was time. time for the world to wake up and grab some color! we live in a state that looks like a coloring book with no chubby crayons around. Just black and a grungy color of white pages. yuck. 
it was time to bring out the arsenal of rainbow power and change the blah!
i grabbed some chairs from a freind, and grabbed a few things that were in the garage "to-be-rainbowified" box, and what followed was enough to make both the lollipop guild and effie trinket gasp at the colorfulness.


4 chairs, all grey. Gold lamp & candlesticks. Yaaawwwn.


Among other things, the einsteins painted hay bales, doll furniture, rocks, sticks, and old cabinets.
I ended up tagging an old tree and calling it good for the last remaining brain cells I had functioning after the hours of spraying! 

On thursday, my little brother, who has been living overseas, came to visit! This was Akiko's first time to visit Oklahoma, so evan gave her a proper ride on his 4W. He went as fast as he could...this kid lives for screams, and she was filling the scream tank!

Then it was off to shoot. because, you know, we live in oklahoma. 

setting up the targets
little brother showing akiko how to shoot. she seemed to have a lot of fun! She shot off every gun we had out!

then he helped baby einstein to shoot his first .22. (cringe)

first .22 round
the big einstein and i are the anti-gun peoples. we'd rather catch frogs and fish. 

but, my brothers....
at one point, ems shot a frog sitting on the bank, and it was a big ado. A reminder that even a cute little pink bb gun can do irreversible harm . To keep him from suffering, little brother blasted him to heaven point blank with a shotgun. 
We call that hole "frog crater" now. 
making memories, folks. making memories. 

where akiko lives, all animals raised for consumption are kept inside buildings, and there really aren't any pets bigger than poodles, so she liked to see the livestock that was just roaming around the fields. 

hello, neighbor cow!
My dad took us all to Pawnee Bills Ranch to see the bison and the old wagons and such. 

This picture has all my brothers in it. Big bro in the back left, baby bro on the back right, and little bro behind me. Just missing my sister :(

Horse eye reflection. 
paid for this modelling service in clover. 


Little & baby bros, baby einstein. I think the slide is a little small...
4/5 of the siblings. 
We pretended sister was the pole. She's about that skinny anyway... ;)

It was a packed weekend! 
and we loved every second of it. 
i have so many pictures, i dont know what to do!

but family dinners, adventures shopping for the *perfect* pair of boots, family roadtrips with the brothers, it was almost magical. reminds me how much i miss my sister, and my little brother, and what its like to be an (almost) complete 5 pack again. Its like part of me was always missing, and when we're all together, we're whole again. 

can't we all stay together forever, guys??? I mean....


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