Monday, April 28, 2014

OKC Memorial Marathon :: 2014

I wasn't sure this race was going to happen. None of us were. There was severe weather passing through, delay after delay after delay, rain, wind, hail, cold cold cold. Yuck. 

At first, we braved the weather and got to the porta potty city as scheduled. 
john & the johns
We did okay, finding shelter in a small crevice on the side of one of the buildings like little mice, curling up in a hole for the rain.

this photo not sponsored by brooks running shoes, but it should be.
We ended up heading back to the car to wait, since, at this point, the delay was over an hour away and we had warm jackets and covered parking and OMG iPODS waiting for us. 
We even met a cute couple that were running their first half marathon together that day. 

We made our way back, in the rain and cold, to the starting line.
Team Castro Racing 1/4!

And off he went, into the great unknown-to-us-non-marathoners. 
Soon after, the einsteins and I headed to the kids marathon starting line. 
Team Castro Racing 3/4!!
The kids school was running in a group this year, so we all did the kid marathon. 
And guess who got to hold all the jackets and ponchos and hats that were shed off these two?
Their pack mule momma! Woo hoo!

I tried to get a starting line photo, but...well...
Baby einstein wanted nothing to do with his sis and I. We were told to leave him alone, he could do it without us.
And he did.
For quite a while.
But we caught up finally.
THE action shot. Look at my teeth, by the way. Wow. Perfect. LOL
At the very end, he took off in a sprint like I'd never seen. That kid was determined to leave us girlys behind. And he did. 
Including the volunteer that was running him in. 
Hes the faint glow of yellow.
The aftermath of carl's jr cheeseburgers, squeezy applesauce, apples, and water. 
That's MY kinda post-race food, right there!
A local church in OKC does an annual "blessing of the shoes" the night before. We have YET to make it there, but I think it's way cool. 

And then it was off to catch daddy. 
After weaving around probably 234678 miles of closed road detours, we arrived in a park to wait. 
And the legos came out.

and the magic quilt, Courtney! The magic quilt!
 The LegoCastros were playing on THEIR magic quilt as well. 

The news choppers were overhead broadcasting on TV. I wonder if my hubby was featured...
I'm sure he was - how could you resist? ;)

Here he comes!!!!

Then it was a quick throw-all-your-crap-in-the-car-QUICK firedrill and weaved the 45684106 miles back to the finish line to wait for the big end.
Where's dad?!
 Well, dad's hamstrings locked up and the medic had to come massage it out and then dad had to hobble the last few miles in, is where he was!

But, finally, we saw him on the "preview" screen getting close!

How many races do i tell him "WEAR FLOURESCENT orange or something so we can seeeee youuuu!!!"? Apparently, not enough. He's the dark blue. 

He didn't make the time he wanted, but he earned his membership into the Marathon Maniacs, which means he's sworn into that and the Half-Fanatics, and we can slow down now a bit....right?...i mean....

So this morning, the einsteins were recognized in their school opening ceremonies for their race. 
Look at his face! So proud!
 And now, we are home, and thankful that the tornado weather missed us, but praying for all the families that it DID hit. 

And, also, we've had FOUR earthquakes since we got back into town last night. 
Umm, I was pretty sure we left those behind when we moved from Cali, but apparently not...

Have a GREAT week!

xoxo, H.

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