Monday, April 28, 2014

Easter! and an *exclusive* video!

He has risen!
and i'm a little late to the party this year.
i could blame it on a number of things, but let's face it. Easter came up on me too fast and then it was over and i felt a little duped. but, hey, we celebrated. even with last minute egg dyeing and the resurrection eggs not be resurrected this year from the attic and the half-of-it-was-in-the-gift-closet easter baskets and even the pre-stuffed eggs. we still got it.
He had risen on this day, and for that, we par-tay!

Also didn't get around to the family photo yet - so this was our Easter card...
Evan made the first egg of easter at school that week, soon followed by Emma's chia egg, who, as i type, needs a shampoo, because she's lookin a little dry and kinky...
I bought those resurrection eggs a few years ago to really sink the easter story into my kids, sans the movie that scarred all our minds.  had worried the candy and eggs would have taken over this year, as in the spring we are usually racing all weekend, so church isn't a regular thing for a few months.
But, my worries were laid to rest when I told the kids to decorate their chalkboards with an easter greeting and they turned these beauties out:

"Even the easter bunny decorated the tomb with eggs!" by Em
"Thats the easter bunny and his decorated eggs. Those are the two people that were confused and they're holding the cloth. The rock was rolled away and the red thing is the stone that Jesus was lying on and only the cloth was there."
Holy Easter!
They totally got it!
(beaming mom, here!)

So, back to the candy & eggs...
Easter basket unload!
Dobby went on a hunt for a neighbor dog's pig ear treat, and brought it back, proudly.
Way to go, thief. 
The anti-easter bunny
The E.B. sent us a text that of the 65 eggs he had hidden, 10 were across the street, and the others were all over the property. And hidden WELL, I might add. There was some digging involved!

Dobby buries his pirated booty in the garden. 
The counting of the eggs left one unfound, and it wasn't until the day I took down the decorations that Em found it, sitting in a tree. Go figure. 

And then, it was time to finally dye the eggs!

Don't mind the crooked mirror...

The bunny basket ev made at school
The bird's nest ev also made at school. Love the yarn worms. 
evan's eggs
Emma's eggs
AND, this is the *best* video! The egg dyeing, all in under a minute!
You'll love it, you really will.
And if you don't, you're just plain weird. 
Which is okay, too. 

Then it was off to grandad's for the easter feast and egg hunt!

the three grandkids

waiting on the little ones. psh. overrated. 

he liked the metallic "special" eggs. 

SO easter came and went too fast.
but it was so much fun, and so very special.

my baby brother is moving away soon, and this was our last Easter with him here.

i hope you all enjoyed your day!
It was a gift for us all!

xoxo, H.

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