Wednesday, April 30, 2014

and, of most importance...

just in case you have your head in a hole, or live under a rock, or don't follow my instagram...

i sure as heck hope you're wearing pink today.
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The wind in the willows

Well, after ranting and raving about the yucky cold weather that had rolled in yesterday, I got to kinda feeling a little bit bad? Like when you think someone's an ass for not letting you out of the parking lot into the street, but then they do, and you smile and wave and call your own self an ass for judging them wrong? 
Yeah, that kinda bad.
I do hate the wind. Most of the time. Im a genetic mutant that doesn't make ear wax, so when the wind blows, it hurts my ears like you wouldn't believe. probably blowing my brain around in there. (and for that matter, do you thin kon my autopsy one day, they'll find mud all in my head, since there was no wax to collect it all before it entered?)
so before that cold storm, like just hours before, I ran to dollar tree to grab something...and it must have been really important because i have NO idea what it was now...but i grabbed a couple styrofoam airplanes and two kites for the einsteins, because, well, im cool like that. ya know, wasting dollars for cheap junk that we don't really need, but hey, MEMORIES! right? right? Is that a cricket i hear pumping its fist?? yessssss!
so after they were home, and homework was finished, out we went with our kites and string, singing let's go fly a kite all the way to the back of the yard. (and I'm talking the chorus, here, over and over. apparently i haven't played mary poppins over and over and over since em was tiny. bad parenting, i suppose. that will be remedied soon, though - if you can't sing every word to every song in MP, you are NO kid of mine!)

and so, the kites.

it would seem that the winds stopped howling on a constant basis once we came out. it was more of a catch-me-if-you-can type deal, where we'd see it rustling the leaves a few houses away, and you'd hear the warnings from one (or both) of the einsteins "ITS COOOOOMMMING!! GET READYYYYY!!!" (think: "there's a storrrrrm a-brewin'!!!!"), and they'd run and try to get the darned things up in the air as best they could.
(these pics are off my phone, btw. sorry they kinda suck)

so after the heads were sweaty and the legs were tired, i pulled out the planes.
like pulling a rabbit from a hat, and the crowd goes wild!
(please ignore the cat who looks like she's doing her bidness, but i promise you, she wasn't. bad timing.)
(or maybe she's just holding her little tiny paw up to my throat with a huge sharp talon outstretched, making me tell you that...)

and then, after a close call on mixing them up (gasp!), we decided that they needed a good paint job.

BTW, i forgot to tell you...Calypso had a birthday on this day!!
Happy Birthday, you big ol' fluffball!!

when daddy got home, he pulled out the go-pro and it was a game of seeing if anyone could actually hit the camera. it was hilarious. the footage is fab, im sure. 
and the rain had decided to come and go and come and go over and over and over as well. 
the kids, especially evan, had LOVED that their uncle alex had flown to visit on happy airlines, and that seemed to be the choice airline company for the planes.

(and, omg, we just had another earthquake.)

the storm was starting to loom overhead, so we gathered our things and headed inside. 

AND...a beautiful little painted bunting came to eat a quick meal before heading off. 
MAN, i wish i could have THOSE nesting all around my house!!
LOVE them!!

have a great day!

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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

this is real blogging here, folks! look away!

so do you ever return from a trip away from home and realize that it takes you a good double-the-time-you-were-away before you get back in the groove of your daily norm? (whatever THAT is)
running season is like that ALL the time!
Like i cant quite catch up with everything i lose on the long easy days of the weekends that no longer exist. 
in fact, the breakfast nook is looking quite grand. and if you're like me and look at all these blogger's homes and think "good lord! do these people all live in mansions cleaned by maids all day and night?!", you can rest assured that this blog, my friend, definitely does NOT involve a well-kept home or a martha stewart magazine shoot. it just doesnt.
in fact, i never caught back up from the LAST weekend! AAANNNNNDDD i had to have my dad come to feed the furbabies amongst the masses of what, in younger days, he referred to as my "pig sty". (hangs head).
wanna play i spy again?

I spy...
//a soccer cleat, size 13 boys. just one, mind you, the other is under my foot in the dark of the night, cleat side up.
//running gu packets, various flavors, surprisingly NOT eaten by the dogs yet.
//a recycle item that found its way out of the fancy recycle bin - or, cardboard box, if you must.
//a stack of travel brochures for the state we already live in, because, well, staycation?
//the lego friends bakery and juice bar. more of a permanent exhibit, i think.
//the scalp of a lego man
//three different race packs, from three different races
//a partridge in a pear tree. not really, but it sounded like a good way to end it.
so, its officially freezing my butt off weather today. the kids went to school in shorts and tees and before lunchtime i was up there with sweats and jackets for the little legs and arms. go figure. hashtag: mom of the year. 
i even turned my heater back on.
to 73.
because in oklahoma, 61 with tornadic winds feels a little more like 34.
this weekend is the autism walk/run. still looking for team members!! it could be you!!

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Monday, April 28, 2014

OKC Memorial Marathon :: 2014

I wasn't sure this race was going to happen. None of us were. There was severe weather passing through, delay after delay after delay, rain, wind, hail, cold cold cold. Yuck. 

At first, we braved the weather and got to the porta potty city as scheduled. 
john & the johns
We did okay, finding shelter in a small crevice on the side of one of the buildings like little mice, curling up in a hole for the rain.

this photo not sponsored by brooks running shoes, but it should be.
We ended up heading back to the car to wait, since, at this point, the delay was over an hour away and we had warm jackets and covered parking and OMG iPODS waiting for us. 
We even met a cute couple that were running their first half marathon together that day. 

We made our way back, in the rain and cold, to the starting line.
Team Castro Racing 1/4!

And off he went, into the great unknown-to-us-non-marathoners. 
Soon after, the einsteins and I headed to the kids marathon starting line. 
Team Castro Racing 3/4!!
The kids school was running in a group this year, so we all did the kid marathon. 
And guess who got to hold all the jackets and ponchos and hats that were shed off these two?
Their pack mule momma! Woo hoo!

I tried to get a starting line photo, but...well...
Baby einstein wanted nothing to do with his sis and I. We were told to leave him alone, he could do it without us.
And he did.
For quite a while.
But we caught up finally.
THE action shot. Look at my teeth, by the way. Wow. Perfect. LOL
At the very end, he took off in a sprint like I'd never seen. That kid was determined to leave us girlys behind. And he did. 
Including the volunteer that was running him in. 
Hes the faint glow of yellow.
The aftermath of carl's jr cheeseburgers, squeezy applesauce, apples, and water. 
That's MY kinda post-race food, right there!
A local church in OKC does an annual "blessing of the shoes" the night before. We have YET to make it there, but I think it's way cool. 

And then it was off to catch daddy. 
After weaving around probably 234678 miles of closed road detours, we arrived in a park to wait. 
And the legos came out.

and the magic quilt, Courtney! The magic quilt!
 The LegoCastros were playing on THEIR magic quilt as well. 

The news choppers were overhead broadcasting on TV. I wonder if my hubby was featured...
I'm sure he was - how could you resist? ;)

Here he comes!!!!

Then it was a quick throw-all-your-crap-in-the-car-QUICK firedrill and weaved the 45684106 miles back to the finish line to wait for the big end.
Where's dad?!
 Well, dad's hamstrings locked up and the medic had to come massage it out and then dad had to hobble the last few miles in, is where he was!

But, finally, we saw him on the "preview" screen getting close!

How many races do i tell him "WEAR FLOURESCENT orange or something so we can seeeee youuuu!!!"? Apparently, not enough. He's the dark blue. 

He didn't make the time he wanted, but he earned his membership into the Marathon Maniacs, which means he's sworn into that and the Half-Fanatics, and we can slow down now a bit....right?...i mean....

So this morning, the einsteins were recognized in their school opening ceremonies for their race. 
Look at his face! So proud!
 And now, we are home, and thankful that the tornado weather missed us, but praying for all the families that it DID hit. 

And, also, we've had FOUR earthquakes since we got back into town last night. 
Umm, I was pretty sure we left those behind when we moved from Cali, but apparently not...

Have a GREAT week!

xoxo, H.

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