Sunday, March 30, 2014

The {American Girl Doll} Food Festival

Emma had found a few photos and videos on making a snack cart online. She had studied them all, decided what she wanted to do, and the creating began. 
The good thing about renovating your house is that you have a bunch of excess material available for all these promptu crafts (last week a couple of her friends and us made a formal dining table for the dolls out of old shelving and closet rods!). This was much easier, because we didn't use the table saw, the chop saw, or the sander. It was a lot of hot glue and duct tape!
By the time we were done, Evan's Shlumpie frog was ready to be first in line at the "food truck" vendor. 
Shlumpie, having popcorn and a root beer float

Maria was the food truck worker. 
 That push handle on the side of the cart was a drawer pull from the cabinets we pulled out of the house, spray painted pewter. The four rods holding up the canopy were cut from some molding that I had pulled off from around the fireplace, and the canopy was madde from a fabric scrap left over from the bedding that I made for Maria's doll bed. Recycling at its best!

 That "Today's Special" chalk board was actually just a paint sample card glued onto cardboard and trimmed in washi tape!

The sink bowl was made from an applesauce container, spray painted pewter. The faucet and handles were spray painted, too. The handles are pushpins and the faucet is the top of a baby clothes hanger! (So sad I almost don't need those anymore) :(

 The cart itself is just a cardboard box covered in woodgrain contact paper, and the countertop and fold-up bar are covered with black duct tape. The wheels were just castors we bought at Atwoods Farm & Home Supply. They were about $2 each, I think, and the flag bunting was cut up paint sample cards glued onto a ribbon. 

There was also a Shaved Ice stand that Kanani was working, and Saige was working at the snack cart. It was a grand opening!

 Em actually made tiny little snocones for the dolls that fit into the holder on her cart. She made them with moldable styrofoam sticky stuff? and colored glitter in cardstock cones. They were precious! I don't know why they weren't out this day...

Evan's Slush drinking a soda

Love her.

 The back sides of the carts hold all her goodies inside. 

Saige's cart is even lined with hello kitty material cut from some old pajama pants of mine in the donate box. 
Even though he's a bit small for the American Girl Doll stand, my Ogon came out to enjoy the feasts of foods :) 
 Ogon, my best friend since babyhood. 
Enjoy the weekend!

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  1. This is my favorite post of yours ever. Such a creative, smart girl you've got there!!!

  2. Amazing. I cannot believe how great this is.


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