Wednesday, March 12, 2014

I am HERE! I am HERE!

Somethimes I think that instagram has taken over my blog brain. i think "I already posted that!" but then, I remember, no, I just IG'd it. I suppose I could be one of those people who writes a 2000 word IG with a photo, but then again, I think I like this a whole lot more. 
March has been kind to us so far. I suppose. It's yo-yo weather is sorta annoying, especially since it brought our allergies along for the ride. But it throws a warm day or two in the mix at times, and then I fall in love with that big hairy March all over again, despite his annoyances. 
Our neighbors across the street have a motor in their garage. It's the kind that's connected to an old corvette, and every time Mr. Gary starts it up, both my boys become glued to the windows like a kid peering into a toy shop. Last week, we were lucky enough to be outside when the corvette got it's exercise, and Evan got to ride along. 

He couldn't wait to tell dad all about it. I mean, couldn't WAIT. Boys and their toys, right?

Last weekend, we were invited to the Barons game by some friends. The einsteins had never been to a hockey game, so they were pretty pumped. (and the buffet in their VIP room was pretty darn amazing, too. My kids cleaned UP the fruit trays & hot dogs!)

And then March and I broke up again, because he was being a cold-hearted jerk!
...but then he made it better by causing me to have 2 extra days with my wee ones home, and he reminded me of the beauty that God creates out of miserable march days.

front porch view!

We made good use out of those two days. I mean, really. We sledded, we turned on the TV, we played with this new app...
...and we made ALL our water beads into big fat water marbles. 
Once they headed back to school and the temps started rising again, I washed and packed up the snow gear AGAIN, and put it back in it's tote for the attic AGAIN, and I'm pretty sure by doing that, I'm calling the polar vortex back, but, hey. Bring it on. 

The einsteins are done with week 3 of training, and today, we'll be half way done with the 4th. They're doing SUPERB. Castro Team Racing is gonna have some serious bling this year!!

Week 3: DONE!
Hubby & I celebrated our birthday last Friday. I was so touched to get so many calls and texts from people that morning, including a little boy from my class last year on his way to school, who sang the whole birthday song! Teachers get paid in love. I'm tellin ya!
I'm not on facebook, so it's always a surprise that people remember it's our birthday without their reminders.
I even had another student from last year bake me some rainbow cupcakes that day! Her mom brought them to school so she could give them to me as I picked up my kiddos. How sweet is THAT?!? 
Be still, my heart!
Hubby even got his 35th birthday 3.5mi run medal!

The next night, my dad and stepmom made us a FEAST of our favorite dinners and desserts. My belly was so full that evening, I was pretty sure I was going to POP. 
It was a GREAT birthday, especially because we are all safe, healthy, and  together. 

Yesterday March got all lovey-dovey and threw out a couple almost-80-degree weather days. I decided that would be the perfect time to start the garden. Everyone says start small, so I marked out a 6x9 area, and tilled it up like there was no tomorrow! The next day, I added our first little plants. 
But, I'm going on a tangent here...
Remember our fat little luna moth caterpillar that went on a run with me last summer? Well, I was looking at him, all in his little cocoon thing, and thought "you know, he just *might* be dead in there...". I mean, there's just not much info on the lunas that overwinter,a nd the once source I found says he keeps them in the fridge at a steady temp and blah blah blah, so I was pretty darn sure I'd better check it out. (This was about 3 days ago). So I pulled him off the laundry room window sill (NOT a steady fridge temp), and looked. and poked. and shook. It sounded like a dried up bean inside, rattling around. 
Yup, he gone. 
I decided that I'd wait until the kids got home, and we'd exacto knife this thing open and play scientist and log it in their nature journals. But about 10 minutes later, I heard a rustling behind me. It couldn't be, but it HAD to be. That alien creature had just rattled it's curse-word-laden shake at me, and I apologized, and went back to the google to research more.
They come out in March/April-ish around here. It would be mid-morning, and they'd rest until nightfall. I was a bit scared of the thing now, thinking that if it WAS indeed the moth, he was coming out with a vengance, and even though they don't have mouths (they only live long enough to breed), he was going to pass that up to declare his giant human enemy and her beloved quilt FINISHED! (insert evil laugh here...only really high pitched like a pretty moth man).
So this morning, as I'm typing a thank-you email, the alien ship once again shakes and rattles, and I'm pretty convinced it's plan is almost ready to execute. After all, mid morning? Im all aloooonnnneee here!! He's coooooommmmmmingggggg!
So, I now carry the alien around with me all mid morning so I can capture his unveiling (and possible attack) on camera for the masses to find, along with my body, covered in beautiful light green dust...
the alien pod.
So, back to the new veggie babies!
(sorry about that randomness. Happens round here.)
The garden, looking more like a cemetary than a garden, has a little fenceand a little gate, and it's close to the water hose, and close to the house, and, following a couple tree removals, will be in a sunny, happy spot. 

Castro farms, day one.
Our first (and only so far) veggie babies?

Totally inspired by my dad's cheese sauce - which makes any veggie a dessert!
I also picked up a few flowers to keep me company until the frost leaves us alone.

any guesses on the hyacinth colors? I picked the mystery ones, even though I like the purple best. Figured it would be a fun game for the kiddos. Play along?!

The little daffodils came up, but they went back down after the big break-up when march threw snow and ice my way. I leaned these guys up on the rain spout, but their friends look more like a sad puppy. :(

tulips ahoy!
sad daffodils :(
Also, although I totally respect St. Patrick's Day, I HAD to put up some Easter, since they're sharing the month and all...
front porch
I'm off to lunch! Have a great hump day!
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