Monday, February 3, 2014

Welcome, February!

Well, that darn groundhog, right?
I'm not sure I can take 6 more weeks of below freezing temps, but I'll try. And on that notte, why don't they pull ol' Phil out while it's still dark? No chance of a winter shadow, am I right?! Just sayin...

So, February...

Today was *supposed* to be "Run Day" here at camp Castro. The first day of training for the kids' spring races, but I think we'll wait until next week, being as how snow and sleet and ice are on their way here for a visit tonight and tomorrow. (Darn you, groundhog!!)

But, to celebrate anyway, baby einstein's class is celebrating the 100th day of school today (I think it's actually tomorrow, though? Maybe?), so they got a special cupcake in their lunch boxes today to commemorate the centennial day of pre-k & 5th grade and little man counted out 100 gummy bears to share with his class. He's a good man, Charlie Brown. I have a surprise for them after school as well, bwah ha ha!

Hubby goes up to OUCancer today for a visit. Unfortunately, it's during kid pick up time, so I can't go with him. (waaaahhh!) Sure wish i could split in two sometimes...or three or four...
But, prayers anyway for a safe trip there and back and an uneventful visit, yes?

Happy February! And may you be warm and cozy, wherever you are!

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