Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Haitian Thunder

Has your heart ever been so totally fine and then one little event and you feel like the world has straight up gone apocalyptic and all is wrong? It sounds so bizarre but it happened just now. Just now! Sitting here in the living room! I was watching a documentary on Haiti and how people are living there since the earthquake, and I was so engrossed at these people's strengths, and how very blessed I am and all the little things like hot water and roofs that don't leak that I often take for granted (but not that kitchen! I don't forget what it's like to be kitchen-less for nothin!), when all of a sudden, the skies (in Haiti, that is), open up and hurricane whoever was stirring up the clouds and thunder cracked and be still my heart I almost doubled over in want for that thunder to be crashing here in my own sky! It was like the show went on mute, and I just heard the thunder rolling across the sky over and over in a fury that strikes fear in most but to me is like a mothers lullabye soothing me into a calm and blissful sleep. If only thunder Mp3s came with cool winds and big raindrops and the smell of wet earth and that rumble deep in your bones when it crashes. If only I had the enchanted ceiling that only exists in Hogawarts! If only! If only! If only! 
But, as it would have it, luck was on the side of the tent village that day, and hurricane whatever took its fury elsewhere and I sat there in a confused state of not knowing how something so small and silly struck such a deep chord in my heart. Perhaps I should consider moving to Seattle? ;)
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  1. Heidi - Zulily is having a huge LEGO sale! I saw a t-shirt that says we blog about bricks on it. Reminded me of you. Enjoy reading your blog, your family is adorable. :)

    1. You're the best!! I missed it the last time they sold it, so I'd better jump on it!! Thanks!!


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