Monday, February 10, 2014

Daddy Daughter Dance 2014

I was still feeling horrible, terrible, no good on Friday evening when it was time for Em & her daddy to get dressed and ready for the annual Dancing with Daddy dance. It was made even more miserably sad when I had to watch my little girl, for the first time, get herself dressed and beautiful all on her own from my bed. She's been able to, of course, for years now, but we always did it together. This dance isn't just special for us because of the daddy & dot part - though it definitely IS special - but also in that Em and I get to have this quiet little time beforehand where I brush through her gorgeous dark hair and tell her how much she looks like her grandmas and her hairline is *just* like her auntie Pickle. And clasping the necklace on her little neck brings me to the teetering edge of motherhood tears when I think forward to the day that she will be standing there in front of the mirror, and I'll be reaching not down, but up, clasping wedding pearls around the neck of my baby girl on the day that she leaves me to become one with another. It's the moment that she smiles in the mirror at her own reflection, not tarnished yet with ideas of what society thinks is "pretty", the giggles over what kind of crazy dancing the daddies did last year, and the twirling of the dress like at any moment, Katniss's flames will arise from her tiny little shoes. 
And I missed it.
But instead, I got to watch this strong, independent little girl of mine dress herself, and change tights to no tights, and this sweater to that one and hair up or down and these earrings or those, and in the end, I still saw the smile, the twirling, and the pride it comes with to know that you are capable. I stumbled out to wrap a bracelet around her little wrist and she thanked me and told me to hurry and lay down. I shouldn't be up. 
She's growing up. Taking care of herself and her momma. (and everyone else for that matter).
I wasn't going to miss my pictures. No way.
I shuffled out with my camera that felt like it weighed around 54 pounds, and took a few quick shots in whatever setting it was last on. My glasses assured that all of them were out of focus, except one.
THE one.
The annual snapshot of my stunning husband and his little princess.








i love you two.
happy dancing!
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  1. So sweet. I wish I had your picture taking skills. What kind of camera do you use?

    1. Thanks! Usually I'm using my iPhone 5 actually! But this was my Nikon D300.

  2. And now I'm tearing up thinking about how happy I am that Emma has her daddy to take her to the dance and Sam has his daughter to take someday too. I remember the first time I met you guys, when I said that we were adopting and hadn't specified a gender, Emma told me we should get a girl so my husband could take her to the Daddy-Daughter dance.

    1. That is going to be a long awaited day for us all! :)


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