Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Castro Team Racing : Preseason BEGINS!

It was predicted that snow was once again on its way for Monday, so we decided that Sunday was going to be the official "Run Day!" this year. We try to make it as fun as we can, being as how the kids (and I) could really easily be persuaded to do ANYTHING but run. This year, the kids each got a new cold gear running outfit and if Evan's would ever get here - new shoes for the season! Wahoo!!
Day one was easy - 1min runs and 1.5 min walks, six times. The only negative of that was the fact that you don't stay very warm when you walk so much!
Evan has proclaimed himself "Black Fin" for his "runner name". Ha! I have no idea...
Look at my little girl. Doesn't she look a little too big to be my baby?!?
My life. My love. My family.
The first race this year will actually be run by Emma - her birthday run! 9 days and counting!
In 8 weeks, the little einsteins will be unleashed on 5k's everywhere! Watch out, world! ;)

Want to train with us?? ;)

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