Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A week(end) in review

Isn't it crazy how a weekend can be totally uneventful, and then the very next can be so jam packed full of ...stuff? It didn't feel like we did much over this long weekend, but the ol' iphone was begging to differ with all it's photos of tales to tell. So, here we go. The weekend in review.

Twin night at church:

Dental cleanings for all! 
(Evan loves fluoride about as much as I do.)
School parties for St. Valentine's Day.

The einsteins completed week one of their training for spring races!

They each earn one app or song under $2 for each week completed. Evan chose some racing game, and Em got a "Keep calm and____" lock screen maker. Right now her phone says "Keep calm and love Emma!", which I think is the bees knees. Keep that confidence, sister!!

Most of Saturday was spent out at grandad's farm, where we planted trees and trees and more trees. 
Hubby filling up the tank!
The einsteins and I walked the pond trails and cut any branches that were in the way. There were a LOT of nasty thorn plants that had begun to take over the bridge!

Watching Maggie slop around in the pond
After the branch cutting, Emma took over running the tractor, driving around digging holes for the trees and controlling the auger bit. I was pretty darn impressed!
Evan and I plopped the trees in, helped fill the holes, and water the new baby trees.

hubby clearing spots for Em to drill, Ev watching grandad plant the tree, and dee-oh-gee drinking the tree water.
Both kids had outgrown their boots, but Evan's was especially small. They finally began to hurt so much, he headed for the truck and released the piggies!

Em is dead set on wanting ONE thing for her birthday, the new American Girl Doll of the year, Isabelle. We told her that she has enough dolls, so mommy & daddy won't be fulfilling that wish. We'll be by an American Girl store the weekend after her birthday for a marathon, so she decided that she would try to earn & save enough of her own money (she's been saving all her Christmas & birthday money) to try and have enough to buy isabelle while we're there. Instead of a birthday party, we will take her there to eat and maybe grab an outfit or two. A couple of her besties were a little sad that she wouldn't be celebrating the big eleven with them, so we conjured up a surprise sleepover (NOT birthday party). My part was picking up two girls and making rainbow desserts...which I did...awesomely.

The girls did all the decorating. It was adorable! 
They hid in the dark until she got home and jumped out. It was precious. What sweet friends. 

Totally unrelated: my valentine tulips from hubby looking stunning!
The next morning, we headed off to the zoo to see my favorite baby elephant and baby gorilla, who had just celebrated his birthday. The warm day wasn't so warm with the cold wind, so we didn't stay long. 

Once we left the zoo, we decided that this would be the perfect day to find our very first letterbox! There are only 2 hidden in the city we live in, so searching in this place turned up quite a few. We chose one called the "Birthday Box". After a lot of navigational help from hubby, we found our way to the box and hiked up the trail to find it. 
Emma stamped the log book with her stamp - a cupcake. She was first, she said, because this was her unofficial "birthday celebration weekend". 
Here's Evan stamping his own passport book with the birthday box stamp. It even had a green stamp pad with it!
Once we all had stamped the log book with our signature stamps, we tucked the birthday box back in it's snug hiding place and moved on.
The Birthday Box log book, signed and stamped!
first stamp in the letterbox passport!
We stopped in Guthrie on the way home and picked up a few more geocaches close to the highway. There were no letterboxes there, but we stuffed the caches we found with some more swag for the next finders!
Once we made it back home, we started out to collect the two letterboxes in town. One was missing and the other was a really great one with a fun back story! The einsteins and I have decided that the next geocache we hide will HAVE to be a hybrid cache - a geocache-plus-letterbox in one. Now, to find the perfect spot.... ;)
Hope your weekend went well!

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  1. Your post just made me very tired. May I have a cup of rainbow jello, please? I mean, how can you go wrong with RAINBOW jello? YUM! Happy birthday, Happy (belated) Valentines, Happy Hunting and Happy Free Pigs!


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