Monday, February 24, 2014

A Tuesday

It was a Tuesday when the warm breeze blew across the plains to our house. The day was one of those days that you have that really remind you how much you love your life. 
I had the windows open, even though it was still a bit chilly for me. The cool breeze blew through the house clearing out dust and dander that had been breeding throughout the winter, when suddenly I heard a ruckus. Dobby was whining and yelping in the living room. I ran out to see a little black dog hopping up and down in the window like a kangaroo from our porch, and Dobby was just beside himself. This was Sunny, the dog that had appeared earlier that day and whom Dobby had invited in while I was saying adieu to my friend outside. Apparently, they weren't done playing, and Sunny was out there on the porch hopping up and down peeking in the windows for his dear Dobby.
So, I let his friends out, and there they sat and chased each other for at least an hour before Sunny left the porch and ours had to stay.
(He did, however, come back now and then throughout the entire day)
Harley, Dobby, & Sunny : The three amigos
 Meanwhile, Evan and I spread my new early birthday present - a hand-stitched-by-her-great-aunt-a-long-time-ago-quilt  (THANK YOU, COURTNEY!!!) on the lawn and soaked in the sun while we played with some cars. He put them in a rainbow for me at one point. Isn't he the best? :)
The rainbow of cars

My beloved pug. Oh, what would I do without you?
It was a beautiful day!
I want spring to hurry, hurry, hurry!!

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