Monday, January 27, 2014

The travel bug

This weekend was nice again. This yo-yo weather we have, right? Because it's below freezing today. Seriously. 
So Sunday, the fam and I headed out to do some more geocaching, this time with Em's friend in tow. We like all caches, but we like the big ones best. They have the best swag for trading.

In one of them, we found a travel bug! (If you don't know what a travel bug is, click HERE to read all about it) We were really excited, because, well, travel bugs are ALWAYS exciting!

Upon getting home and logging this bug into the web, we found out that his name is "HomeHome", and he is from the United Kingdom! His travels began there, where he then traveled all over England, Germany, the Czech Republic, France, Belgium, and finally, Oklahoma! Can you believe it!?  

HomeHome, the travel bug
HomeHome will be staying with us until our trip to Ft. Worth next month, where we will (hopefully) find a big enough cache to send him on his way! In the Dallas/Ft.Worth area? Let us know some of the *best* geocaches around!

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  1. Wow. This was a great blog update. The travel bug is so cute. I do something similar called Letterboxing where I hunt down a treasure box and get a rubber stamp impression, but I don't use a cell or navigator. It's great gun. I hope you share your future Geocache adventures with your readers. :) GREAT photos!

    1. Yes!! There are some "hybrid" caches that are letter boxes also! We thought maybe this summer we'd carve a stamp and try it!


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