Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Inaugural Illness

Nine days and one school day into 2014 and we've got our first fever. :(
Baby einstein awoke this morning like a lion with a toothache (normal) but then he fell back asleep saying his neck hurt. (that's evanese for "sore throat", btw)
I felt his little head and it was warm so i pulled out the thermometer and sure enough, a trifecta of 9's appeared on the display.
"You'll have to stay home today, baby.", I say with a sad face.
(and I'm grinning from ear to ear inside, because, well, STAYING HOME TODAY!!)
He barely even replies, and I knew he really didn't feel well.

A few newscasts later it was time to throw the shoes and backpacks and jackets on and head down the hill to school. He sleepily fell into line and made it into the van. We dropped off sister, who departed with a big hug and kiss that lasted too long for the impatient car behind us in line, but I wasn't cutting that goodbye short for the president himself! 

A few tears fell as we pulled away and he watched big sister disappear behind the school's doors. I thought maybe a cup of yogurt might help him feel better. He could pick his flavor, and it wouldn't hurt his throat, and it would even be one of those individual cups that we don't ever buy because, well, cents per ounce, people! But it didn't work. He didn't want it.

So as we left the Walmart lot, the small voice from behind me says softly, "Maybe we can get a blue splush because it will maybe make my feber cold...."

and my heart smiled because this was the true evan. His love for splushes from sonic are only topped by his big sister's huggles. 
"Do you think that will work?" I ask.
"Probably", he says.
"Well then, we absolutely MUST give it a try!" I say, and pull into our normal spot.

The Sonic trip captured on instagram
We drove home, just me and that slurping-on-a-splush little boy in the back seat, and changed into footie pajamas and turned on Jake and the Neverland Pirates, who were waiting for Evan's help to solve a puzzle, and the world was good again.
baby boo.
As a side note: I realized that I had been wearing my mankie around my neck all morning like a scarf. You can barely see it peeking out in the photo. Perhaps this is why people take lovies away from children at a certain age...oops. (At least it wasn't my bunny....)

Feel better soon, sweet boy!

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