Monday, January 13, 2014

The biosphere, version 2.0

When Ems brought home her biosphere from school, it contained a fish (named Emma), and a cricket named Bob. Within a week, Bob died and I was scurrying around the frozen tundra outside to find another cricket, lest the biosphere not be able to keep itself going, but none were found. I settled on 2 rolly poleys, 2 centipedes, and some kind of small beetle. They immediately burrowed in and I wiped my brow with a "whew! That was close!" moment. I mean, what kind of person would i be to stop the cycle of a self-contained biosphere?!?

So anyway, a few days ago, Emma the fish died. She was quickly ... lifecycled? gary the snail and his unnamed friend, and the hunt was on for a new fish.
But the water is all frozen here.
So Ev and hubs and I went to the pet store and grabbed a new fish. (Now here's the real reason for this post). The fish has had a few names, but we've finally setlled on Thad. The names this guy comes up with are to die for.
Thad was named all these things at one point in his very short time here...
Ambert - (this was whispered immediately after the sales girl asked him what the fish's name was)
Thad (in the parking lot)
Mad (in the car on the way home)
Thade (pronounced "Thaddy") (once we got home)
Teeny (once Emma came home)
and back to Thad. 

Ambert? Love it.

SO, without further ado, meet Thad, the chosen one that will (hopefully) keep the life cycle going inside Castropolis!
The chosen one: Thad

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