Friday, January 31, 2014

production has ceased.

This week has to rank among the least productive weeks in forever. I'm not quite at the staying-home-and-watching-Oprah stage, but it's safe to say that there wasn't a whole lotta checkboxes being checked. Just sayin'. 
A stomach bug encroached on the fam. It worked its way through, taking its' sweet time. I thought it was suspicious when it arrived late thursday with 5 suitcases, it stayed until we kicked his butt out yesterday! 
It was nothing severe, just a belly that would go an aching on and off throughout the day, never knowing if it was something you ate, or time to eat more. Just plain annoying is what it was!
Nonetheless, the kids stayed home a couple days...
I think by the time we made it through, we had successfully infected 3 friends and a friend's momma. We like to share, what can I say?

I DID go on a shopping trip one day, to gather birthday gifts for the masses of children at school, and my prize was coming away with this little lego box. 
I know. Putting us in the poor house.
After the finding of the international travel bug, we went caching a few more times. My homebody son could only be pacified by his giant barrel of cheese balls. What IS it with these things?!? And WHY do they have to sell them in bulk barrels?!?
America's overweight kids is a mystery, they say....
Benjamin the centipede has been coming out every morning at breakfast time. I took this picture of him, but I have no idea where exactly he is. See what I mean? Unproductive. 
Benjamin. Somewhere. 
This is a good one - Dobby's first geocaching trip. :) The cache I was visiting was in a ... dark?... area of town, so I never really wanted to take the kids there. So on this day I took the geopup to go get it. Luckily, there was a police officer parked just a few feet away, so I felt better. 
Dobby launches onto geopup society
(yes, that is a gryffindor scarf)
HUbby has been doing loads of dishes and laundry while I catch up on my American Horror Story episodes, and deal with the mystery belly aches. But they've gone, and we can get back in the saddle again! Woo hoo!
(I guess?)

Well, maybe just ONE more day....

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  1. Can I post a comment again? This is a test. Hold please . . .

  2. Hooray! I can! I can comment again! I've missed you so!

    Now, with that yucky stomach ache that my daughter described as "10,000 people beating me in the stomach with bats," I was that mom who knew she had a belly ache but I sent her on to school anyhow. (Yipe!) She had no fever and no vomiting. She made it until noon. :S :hanging head low: Glad y'all made it out to the other side, but it was just one of those things.

    Cheese balls. Bulk. I hear you. K has an expander in her mouth (phase one of orthodontia) and we have been buying Dan Dee Cheese [doodles] because she can't eat hard stuff. They melt in your mouth and are addictive! Double yipe!

    Be feeling better!

    1. Haha! That happens to me EVERY TIME I think they'll make it through the day! They must have has the same thing! We has no fever either! So weird! And cheese balls...everywhere!!!!

  3. I love love love American Horror Story. Cannot wait to watch the season finale. If it makes you feel better, my house is a complete disaster

    1. Well, what did you think of the finale?!? I was a little disappointed my fav witch died :( ah well. Think they'll continue coven again??


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