Thursday, January 9, 2014

On grown up bullies, and the like...

My hubby says that people break others down not because of anything they've done, but more so because of how they do it. How one person lives life the way they wish they could, how intimidated they feel that someone can do what they cannot. And it's sadly sometimes true.

Rarely, I'll find a blog post that makes the tears flow from my eyes that isn't a back-when-they-were-babies post of my own. But today I happened across THIS post, and it made me happy, and sad, and mad all at once, enough to bring the waterworks a flowing.

There have been times I've gotten mean emails following one of my posts. I've considered blocking this blog to just the few family members and friends that love it and read it as if it were their own children, but I have also gotten emails and cards, and messages from complete strangers that say things so beautiful you cannot imagine. Life changing things. Things that I could not deny any one person, even if I'll never know you, the fact that my words changed your life is worth letting a few mean people in. But, my gosh, NEVER have I ever had such racist and hateful things said to me as this man, who is doing nothing but being a daddy.

Grown up bullies. And they wonder why our kids are being so mercilessly bullied at schools. The apples aren't falling far from the trees, people. Hate is taught.

Thankful for my baby daddy,
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