Monday, January 20, 2014

#MegsMiles Trail Run & the woods around

as a running family, it always hits us hard to hear of someone who is out running, or walking, or whatever, when they are taken from this world in some kind of accident. A few days ago Meg Menzies was out for a morning run with her husband when she was tragically killed by a drunk driver (who actually lost his own wife in the same manner years ago). She left behind 3 young children. 
She was doing everything right. She was aware of her surroundings, running on the "right" side of traffic, wearing bright colors, but still there it was, and a family is changed forever.
In her honor, a race was put together to honor her. Thousands of people from all over the world ran for Megs Miles last weekend, and we put in ours. 
The day was really windy, so decided a trail run would be fun, and the kids could do some exploring while we were out. 
pistachios in hand for protein!
 captain awesome took off in a sprint while i stayed at a slower pace with the einsteins. there were a lot of drops and steps and roots to trip over, as well as trail riders on bikes to get through. it was a little bit like a obstacle run!
hubby was off on a faster pace than the rest of us.

little einstein wanted his picture taken bravely standing in front of this cliff!
 the kiddos loved passing under the "tree tunnels" that filled the trail. each one was the entrance into a new world, which they took turns naming. i *think* this one was actually right as we entered Terabithia. 
 every now and again we had to stop and rest our tired legs and feet (and let more bikes pass us by).
 the einsteins were on the lookout for more heart-shaped rocks to add to my collection, but they were even more excited to find this "butt rock". 
kids. and butts.
 this was in bambooland.
 bambooland had a small walkway off the trail to the lake. we decided to walk out to see it, but the winds were blowing so hard, it was hard to stand upright!
 lots of these shells came home with us.
 hubby finally looped us at around 8.5 miles and we all made our way back to the car together.
i love this picture of my boys. 
 there was something almost magical about being out there that afternoon. the wind was cold, but in the trees it was warm. the kids were laughing, the sun was shining, and we talked for hours about the blessings we've received and the trees and the magical lands and dreams for our "onedays". we held hands and picnic'd, got dirty and lost, and we had fun. 
not an ipod in sight.
(angels singing)
where do you think this road would lead you? terabithia? bambooland? gnomesmeade? woodland? or someplace even more magical? 

i had the best day with you today, sweet family.
so thankful to have you all here with me, safe and sound.

our prayers are with the menzies family for grace, peace, and restoration in the days, weeks, and years to come. 

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