Saturday, January 25, 2014


If I had wings, I would be flying my butt to warmer climates, but that's just me, I suppose. The birds here at the black cat manor have decided that they are staying put. Below freezing temps and all. I'm impressed. Because, me? NOT a cold dweller. At all. In fact, if I win the lottery tomorrow, number one on the list is blowing about 3 feet of insulation in the attic and a commercial sized heater installed. Just sayin.
So, for the hard core feathered friends, I keep the seed feeders full and every morning I brave the cold and pour boiling water in the birdbath and dog bowl to thaw a little bit for them to drink. If I thought they would use them, I'd sew some tiny coats and scarves and boots for them, like the shoemakers elves, but somehow i doubt that would happen, so water and seed it is!
one of the many arctic birds
 Last weekend, we had a warm day and the kids were sent outside to play, because, well, it was warm!
Ev played football with the hubby of the house and em played with her dolls out on the hay bales. I think they were having a photo shoot.

In the spirit of the biosystem we've been (attempting) to keep alive, I found these mini greenhouses for a dollar, and decided to bring them home for the einsteins. 
 The directions were pretty simple.
1. Pour the weird growth soil stuff in the tray.
 2. Add water
 3. Watch the weird soil stuff turn into real soil.
 4. Plant the seeds.

 5. Put the lid on and place it in a sunny spot.
 6. Wait and watch for days, telling your mom in anguish every morning that they aren't growing. They're broken.
(That's as far as we've gotten so far)

So Thursday night, I awoke to a voice calling for his daddy in a tone that strikes your heart with fear. I ran in, not being the daddy, but nonetheless, and found baby einstein had thrown up in bed.
We bathed and changed sheets and took temperatures (that were normal), and snuggled and prayed and finally he fell back asleep, only to repeat the procedure a couple hours later.
I was in fear that the ten-days-after-you-get-the-flu-shot-are-still-susceptible boundaries had been breached. At 7 days in.
So I kept him home friday, and a couple hours in to the school day, em called saying her belly was a-achin and she wanted to come home. I knew it was a mental belly ache, but I got her anyway. (The perks of being an all- A student - you get to skip school for imaginary illnesses brought on by brother being home without you). She immediately started nursing baby bro with ice packs and pillow fluffing and soon the scene became this:

cheerios & gatorade - breakfast of champion pukers

crafting things for the dollies.

resting furkids

one furkid that never rests
And that's pretty much how it stayed until daddy came home.
This morning they are both doing perfectly fine, and the house is bleached and washed and I am happy to report that the flu shot ten day period is 2 days away and has NOT been breached...yet.
(cross your fingers!)

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