Wednesday, January 15, 2014

exploring someone else's treasure trove

and the things i loved...

any great shops or flea markets in your neck of the woods? i'm on a years-long-but-still-nada search for a very colorful quilt (like the one above), but not too small and not falling apart, and not really really nice because i want it for outside, too,  and not for a kazillion dollars. (i know. that's why it's been years...) sigh. maybe you've seen it? ;) lemmie know!

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  1. 1.) Those wooden blocks are adorable.
    2.) That scale would have been awesome for Sarah's newborn pictures.
    3.) I have some feelers out for a quilt for you.

    1. 1. Yes, they were but at TWO DOLLARS EACH I passed.
      2. Yes, it would have! I would have bought it too!
      3. Yay!! <3 <3


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