Thursday, January 2, 2014

2014 - the beginning

New Year's Eve is always so much fun. 
I always hate to decline the invites to parties that sound so delightful and romantic, but there is a strong bond between our family and our traditions, and we like to stay at home to ring in the new year, close to our beds, and our pajamas, and our family. After all, there really is no better way to start off a new year, right? ;)

The noise blowers and streamers were scarce this year. It seems I can never get my butt in gear in time for anything but banging away at this old house, even that being slow, but we had a few, and that was enough.
I had *just* finished putting the last plank down on the floor when 2/3 of my brothers arrived. It was nice to sit down and relax with everyone while we awaited the ball to drop. We got to video chat with the other 1/3 brother, but my sister & brother-in-law were MIA and all the parents were already nestled down for the night.
Midnight came, and the 3 LED color changing margarita glasses toasted the 3 Si tea glasses, and we cheered and popped streamers and got ready for the Japanese tradition we all love, and dread, all at the same time.
I always eat in fear of someone choking, others eat in fear of having to eat it at all. ;)

ever since the Thanksgiving that my brother brought the strange sodas, we've all gotten accustomed to sampling some kind of bizarre drink at holidays together. I found a couple small cans of this to share. Yech!
I think only big brother drank it. baby brother and I aren't much for being adventuresome with food intake.

The next morning I awoke and staggered into the kitchen to start the hot water boiler for my much needed coffee, and looked down to see my first instagram photo of 2014 - my rainbow blankie, on my rainbow rug, with rainbow streamers that were stuck to my (not rainbow) socks.
pure love.
Dobby awoke ready to party some more!
...and the einsteins are growing up in a whole new year!

Wishing you all the best for this new year!
It's the year of the horse! My year!! It's GOTTA be good, right?!?
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