Sunday, December 28, 2014

{Christmas 2014}

Well, the tinsel and wrapping paper and plastic toy encasements have made their way to the city landfill, thanks to the Friday trash day our hood has. (Woot!) It's not that I'm happy to see it go - I rather enjoy the sea of chaos filling the entire room with a sea of Christmas discards. But I wasn't sad, either. 
Christmas Eve was practically magical. Mister C was off work, and the air was full of excitement (and pine wax melts). 
The final doors on the kiddos' advent calendars were opened and assembled, and the scenes were complete (and adorable).

Most of the cards had arrived - there were a few that have made their appearance in the past few days, and we just love love LOVE seeing your families and reading your updates! Sometimes, we look through past cards and compare how much you all have grown!!

That evening, two of the uncles joined us for a "Fa ra ra ra raaaaa" dinner at a local Chinese buffet. Emma would open a selfie stick on Christmas morning - but it would have come in really handy this time! ;)

The third uncle in Japan was already well into Christmas day. 

(Miss you guys! XOXO)

I was up at 2am that night. Evan was at the uphill climb out of a nasty respiratory infection, and hubby was smack dab in the middle of it. But that morning at 2am, the coughing was still and the night was quiet. The feeling of everyone sleeping soundly, safely, and together under one roof was proof that Santa had come and gone. 
And he had brought exactly what I asked for. 

I had forgotten to blog the 2014 ornaments of the year! 

 Evan had a big year in sports, but soccer especially. He improved so much, and was invited to play on the competitive team, which was one of his proudest moments. To our little soccer star, a fitting soccer ball. 
Emma started a new instrument this year, and has REALLY taken to it. She was so good at the guitar, we wondered how it would translate over to the violin, but she didn't miss a beat. She practices every day, and it shows. She is FABulous. To our little string plucker, a violin.
John and his motorcycle. I just....I don't know. If he's not riding it, he's changing it's oil, or replacing a chrome piece with carbon fiber or adjusting this or that. It's his love. So for him - a motorcycle.
And me, I couldn't think of anything particularly big or eventful that happened this year, it's ALL big and eventful! So, to symbolize all the fun our family had in 2014, a camping tent. Just one of many, many adventures we've had this year. 

So now, back to Christmas morning!
Em had woken up around 4 and went back to bed for another couple hours until Evan awoke. I'm not positive he woke himself up - they always share a bed on non-school nights, and one is always waking the other up, but 6 was a good (enough) time, and they woke up Uncle K, who stayed over (yay!!!), and off to the stockings they ran!

Emmy's was full of little erasers.

And Evan had a bunch of tiny footballers. They both had a basket of shopkins, too. What can I say? I force my obsession onto my kids! 

Santa had wrapped his gifts in LEGO wrapping paper!

This year, Santa had told Evan that if he couldn't think of anything he wanted, that he would bring him something special, and Evan had high hopes. 

Santa came through with a special holiday edition Skylanders LobStar. 

Emma had gotten $50 in Christmas money and spent almost ALL of it on presents for Evan, so she watched with the BIGGEST smile on her face as he opened each and every one. 
SUCH a sweet sister. 

(I missed the big hug!)
 Here's that selfie stick from Grammie! It has since been travelling all over town and our home, non-stop. Watch out, instagram! ;)

I wasn't very good at snapping pics of the big boys :(
But hubby was, as always, my best Christmas gift. My healthy, happy, thoughtful, loving, giving husband. I thank God every Christmas that he is here with me. 

Uncle K and his new Lego set!

The kids got Disney Infinity as well, so between the new Skylanders and the new Infinities, the game room was buzzing the rest of the day!

Meanwhile, the big boys watched movies with the furry littlest boy close behind.

...real close.

Christmas dinner was in the oven, so I set the table, and sent the wrappings to the bins, and soaked up the day.
And it was good.

After we stuffed our bellies with ham and turkey and sweet potatoes and cherry pie, hubs headed up to the attic to grab the dusty instruments for the annual rock band reunion. 

The boys are SO good at it, and Emma is close behind. Evan and I can hang in the easy mode pretty well, and dad just likes the music. But every year, those bulky instruments I cringe at every time we move (do we reeeaaaaallllly need to keep these?!?), bring us all together again in a clicking, clacking, musical reunion.
And as they headed off, one by one, I felt Christmas slipping away, but it was the way it would go, into the dark, a smile on our faces, and our hearts (and tummies) full.

Christmas was perfect.

The next day, I found this cat gingerbread house half off and snagged two, since our mini lioness goes through these scratch pads like apple releases updates. 

And, now, to send you out without further ado,
some adorable instagrams!

Pug kisses!

Annnnnndddd...that time we stole the selfie stick while Emma ran into the store with daddy!

(which was just a matter of hours ago)

Happy Holidays!!
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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Gingerbread at the Grands' Cabin!

Grandar + Grandad requested the presence of their grandkids at the cabin yesterday for gingerbread decorating and manicotti for dinner. Gingerbread? Candy? Frosting? 
Yes, plz.

The three oldest grandkids had gingerbread houses (and a train!) ready and waiting to be candy coated!

The frosting was a little tricky at first, but we warmed it up, and it worked a lot easier. 

Elizabeth was SO meticulous with her decorating, it was amazing. In fact, John + I returned back after a couple hours, and she had just been told it was time to stop, or she would have kept going! Girlfriend loves her crafts!

In true Emma fashion, hers was colorful and patterned. 

Evan got a train instead of a house. He liked using the red vines the best. One for the train, one for the mouth. One for the train, one for the mouth....

Em's finished house:

Evan's minimalist train:

Thank you for gingerbread partying with us, Grands!
We love you!

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Holiday on ice

I have to admit, Oklahoma City has the best downtown Christmas area in the state. Hands down. But, we were headed up to the grandparents, so we were going through Tulsa, and I happened to see that Tulsa boasts the "Biggest Outdoor Christmas Tree in the state!", and if you know anything about me, it's that this vehicle stops at all roadside attractions! and whatnot, so it was without a doubt, going to get a visit from the fab four.

I was laughing about this with hubby. My sister + her husband are in New York for Christmas, and she sent me a picture of the Rockafeller tree. 
and I wasn't even there! So here we were at the biggest outdoor Christmas tree in good ol' Oklahoma with it's whopping 4 visitors and they're staring up at it's famous cousin from behind hundreds of people. City mouse & her country mouse sister. 

Behind the tree was a funnel cake stand and a small ice rink. On Mondays, if you bring a can of food, you can skate for half off. Can food is probably the one thing I don't have in the van, so we paid for the einsteins and one crutch (that would be me), to skate.

Emma was a wall-hugger for a little bit, but started venturing off after a few minutes, and then was skating circles around us. 
Evan, on the other hand. 
This was his first time to skate. Ice OR roller. So he was wobbly, and nervous, and excited, but scared. 

There were times when one of his skates would turn all the way around so he was backwards! I would just look at his little tangled legs and think "How the HECK....", but that must be a skill, because, KAPOW!! Mind blown. 

He didn't like falling. At all. This kid has more pride than the average grown man. He would get mad at me EVERY time, accusing me of pushing him or letting him go. 
(little uncle brock)

BUT, check out his face when Emma fell...

After a while, seeing all the other kids flop and fall and get back up, he realized it was okay to fall, and started having more fun. Nothing like a couple boys your age smacking their butts on the ice a few dozen times to teach you that failing is fun!

He loved it, though. 
LOVED it. 

Some on-the-ice selfies!

Afterwards, we took a selfie with tree and funnel cake stand, because, you know.
You just hafta.

So after hubby + I took our ussie...

Evan took the "Totally the best selfie ever" selfie with his sister. 
Yes, it was named.
And now you have the privilege to see this "Totally the best selfie ever".

Then it was back into the car until we got to the inlaws, where we got ONE picture. 

And then, at 11pm that night, we were home for the rest of Christmas break!
Pajamas & cereal for ALL the days!!!
(fists in air!)

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