Thursday, December 12, 2013

{The Lego Castros} December

It looks like the little family has made it safely into the village of Bricksmeade, where they turn the main street into a holiday fair for the travellers that come for the holidays.
The children love to ice skate on the small frozen pond that began as a water line break over a decade ago. The villagers rerouted the water lines and left the spill as a main street ice rink! Aren't they clever!

The little figs are nervous at first, holding onto trees and lamp posts, but daddy says "Look, kids! It's not hard! Watch how fast I can go!"
"Daddy!!", the little figs yell, as momma snaps photos.
"Oh dear", says Daddy, in a muffled snow-covered voice.
An hour later, the children were skating like little professionals, and Daddy had learned to slow down.
Soon, they were cold and hungry, so Momma took Emma and Daddy took Evan, and they wandered the food stands until they settled on what would make their tummies warm and happy.
Emma decided on a cupcake from Jean-Luc's bakery stand.
Evan decided that some warm butterbeer from William's pub stand would be perfect.
The little family enjoyed their snacks in the presence of  carolers singing and the live band playing Silent night together. Daddy held Momma's hand tightly. He knew that she was worried about getting home, and he was, too. But Daddy had a plan... 

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