Monday, December 9, 2013

{The Lego Castros} December 9th

The little lego castros were right! They knew that when they saw the snow covered streets of Bricksmeade, they were at their Uncle's mountain cabin! Uncle Kurt, the mayor of Lego City, had purchased this cabin when he was still just a short legged fig who saved his allowance, like all good boys and girls. Now, he had distributed keys to all the family to enjoy the cabin when they want, because he is always so busy being mayor that he rarely gets to visit the old place.
Right away, the little figs begin jumping on the big plush bed upstairs. It creaks and rattles, just like it had ever since they were tiny. They like the sound, and it makes them feel like they are officially on vacation.
Daddy builds a warm, roaring fire, and hangs stockings by the fireplace, because the first family to visit in December must do the decorating inside, and the last one must clean it up.
Momma begins to wipe down all the counters and open the curtains and get the little home alive and well.
"The fire will need some more logs!" says Daddy. "Get your gloves and winter coats on, and meet me outside, you two! You can help me stack the logs in the shed once I cut them!"
and Daddy sawed the logs in perfect little sections, because in Bricksmeade, logs cut perfectly.
Evan and Emma pile them into their small sled and they stack them perfectly away in the shed. What good little children! Their Daddy is so proud.
It had started to snow a little bit outside, but it was still nice enough to go for a short stroll down into town a bit and see the friends that own the little shops in Bricksmeade. 
Daddy & Momma pull the little ones in the sled. The roads are covered in ice and snow, so the sled glides easily across the ground.
Although it is getting late, the Castros see Mister Gary tap tap tapping away on some wood with his little hammer upstairs form the little toy shop he owns. "He's making more toys for the toy shop!" say Emma & Evan together. "May we come back tomorrow and see what he's made?!", Emma asks. "We'll see!", says Daddy.
"ello, mes amis!" says a familiar voice. It's Jean-Luc! The best baker in all of Bricksmeade, Brick Town, and everywhere in between! He was just locking up his bakery. The little figs love Jean-Luc, for he always lets them sample every last one of his delicious creations. Once, he even gave them a whole wedding cake when he accidently used white icing instead of antique white!
"Hello, Jean-Luc!" Momma & Daddy say. "We are visiting for the weekend! I hear they have opened the skating rink already!"
Monsieur Jean -Luc got a troubled look on his face. He replied "oy! But did you not hear the news? Zhere is a gande storm coming into Brickmeade soon! I do not zink you will be able to leave before Monday!"
"Oh! We had not heard!", says Daddy, "But I'm sure it will be fine. The buses are strong, and Mister Snow runs his snow plow so well! I can't imagine us being stuck!" but Momma was worried.
Right about then, the wind picked up and the snow began to fall faster.
They bid Monsieur goodbye, and headed back to the snow covered cabin.
"Can we play outside in the snow, Momma?" the children asked, batting their snow covered lashes and red cheeks.
"Well, go put on your snow parkas, then!", she said.
"It's a good thing you over-packed, momma!", says daddy, smiling, as the kids ran into the house faster than you can say "snow", and began piling the snow clothes on.

By the time they had been all layered, a BIG snowdrift had blow up on the side of the cabin. The little figs had a grand idea, and began building something, snowball by snowball.
I wonder what they're going to build?
Do you have an idea?
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