Monday, December 2, 2013

{The Lego Castros} - December 2nd

Well, well, well! It looks as though the minifig kids are off on their bikes down Sunnybump Lane! I don't know where they're off to, but it looks like Dobby does! He's keeping right on Evan's heels!
Ah! It looks like the good little ones must have done all their chores this week and earned some coins to spend at Mister Ron and Ms Ruby's food carts! 
It's not normal that Evan chooses a hot dog over an ice cream cone or popsicle, but I suppose he must be hungry today!
"One hot dog please! No bun, and no ketchup or mustard!"
Maybe not!
I suppose Dobby really did know what was going on, on this fine day.
"Now, you share with Harley, Dobby!", say the kids.

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