Sunday, December 1, 2013

{The Lego Castros} December 1st

The delicious feast had barely been devoured in their little yellow tummies when the castros of bricktown celebrated the first day of december.
the lego thanksgiving feast
 It was a beautiful day in Bricktown, as usual. Momma asked the kids what should be done on this fine bumpy day, and they excitedly shouted together "get a Christmas tree from old man wes's tree farm!". and so, daddy and momma smiled, and dug the bicycles out of the garage, and checked the tires for good measure, for lego bikes never have flat tires, and off they went, down Sunnybump lane to the edge of town.
"What shall we do on this fine day?"

 At the edge of town, where Sunnybump lane ended, was the seasonal tree farm that old man wes and his wife owned. It was well known that the tree farm would open and sell all the trees to the Bricktown citizens that he hadn't sold to the big tree farm up in Bricksmeade, where many a seasonal traveller would pilgimmage to in the winter months. It was recognized by the telltale inflatable snowman, many years old, that even daddy and momma had photos with when they were just short legged minifigs. It was a big deal in Bricktown. The citizens loved to support the locals, and they all loved old man wes like he was their own grandfather. 
Right away, the little bricklets found maggie & moo, the pups old man wes had since they were abandoned on the frozen mountain pass to Bricksmeade one cold Christmas eve night.

Meanwhile, momma found the perfect tree, and was calling old man wes over to cut it down and load it up for a special delivery.
"This is the ONE!"
Daddy pays for the tree and rushes over to help load Mommas huge tree into the delivery truck.

"Momma! Evan is on the truck!"
The tree was on its' way to 4 Sunnybump Lane, the kids and their bikes in tow.
"look momma! No hands!"
The tree was perfectly placed in the front of their home, and the excitement only grew grander when CalypsoJane climbed all the way up to the top of the tree!
"CalypsoJane! Get DOWN from there, you silly kitty!"
The tree was decorated with red ornaments from the past years. The tree was looking beautiful, except for the empty space that CalypsoJane had left when she jumped off the tree to chase the swan.
"I know the perfect answer to that problem!" says daddy.
and he lifts little Evan up as high as he can reach, and he places a bright golden star atop the tree.
The tree was beautiful, and perfect, as all things in Bricktown usually are.
The family stood, hand in hand, singing softly a ballad of joy, peace, and hope for the coming winter months.

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