Tuesday, December 10, 2013

{The Lego Castros} December 10th

It looks like the little figs have worked hard finishing their snow creation!
They have called daddy & Momma out to see!

"Who's there?!", ask Daddy & Momma
"Peek-a-boo!!" they say, crawling out of the igloo they have built.
They can barely fit inside, but Emma & Evan LOVE their new playhouse, and only come out when they hear the familiar rumble of Mister Snow's snow plow!
They watch from the safety of the igloo as Mister snow pushes all the snow off the roads of Bricksmeade onto the lawns where the children are more than happy to build them into snowfigs and igloos.
Mister Snow stops as daddy waves him down. "I hear the snow fell quite hard, Mister Snow! Do you think we'll have any problems getting back down the mountain pass to Bricktown tomorrow evening?", daddy asks. "Well, Mister Castro, I'm sorry to say that the snow DID fall heavily. So heavy, in fact, that I cannot even get my plow to the pass! If it doesn't hold up, you may be hunkering down a few more days in Bricksmeade!", replies Mr. Snow.
"Well, at least we have firewood and family!", says Momma, trying to stay upbeat.
Just then the clip clop of horse shoes became apparent, and Mister Snow waved and wished them luck.
The horse belonged to Freddy, the Christmas tree lot owner.
"Well, hello, Freddy! How are you this fine day?", Momma asks.
"Not so good, Mrs. C. The snow has avalanched over the mountain pass! I was on my way to meet old man Wes for another load of trees, but neither of us could get through! I suppose it's good we got as many tree as we did before the avalanche hit!"
Momma gasped and covered her mouth. "Avalanche! That's terrible!", she said.
Daddy was worried. The town Christmas party was coming soon - they couldn't be snowed out of Bricktown! 
"Can we ride in your wagon into town?" pleaded the kids, who were happy to be in Bricksmeade, no matter what.
"Well, I suppose so! I have no trees, so it's empty! Climb aboard!", Freddy said. 
"A day at the ice rink should bring our spirits up!" says Daddy.
Momma smiles and climbs in. "You're always right.", she says and snuggles up for the short ride into Bricksmeade.

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