Friday, December 6, 2013

Snow Day!

It was you who set all the boundaries of the earth; you made both summer and winter
Psalm 74:17

The winter storm rolled into town yesterday the very minute I hopped out of the car to grab my evan from school like it had been planned for that very moment.
People were exclaiming that it was snowing! and when the kiddos emerged from their building, their mouths opened wide and their eyes twinkled, and they squealed in delight at the sky pouring down soft white flakes of heaven.
I had gone earlier that day to gather new snow tobaggans and snow dishes that were on sale, i had noticed the week before, when I exclaimed to my friend "if I bought those now, there won't be snow. Happens every time." (sad face)
So yesterday when I returned to that store and asked the young worker guy to "grab me three of the best sleds you've got!", I was just a-prayin' I wasn't jinxing the weather, but you can't move into a neighborhood with the very best sledding hill in all the land and NOT have sleds, ya know?? 
And so it was.
And he grabbed the three very best sleds and off I went to grab my wee ones from school.

As soon as we got home, we dug out the snow gear from the attic and made sure that it all fit well, and bundled them up like Randy & Ralphie, and off we went into the falling snow.

It had barely began to cover the yards when we went inside to eat warm chili for our cold tummies. 
We were sad that the city's Christmas Parade had been cancelled, and even more sad when they announced that they were cancelling the Christmas Train, for which we have tickets, and never miss, but when the word was out that school was cancelled for friday, it made up for it...just a little bit.

I was up early to make muffins this morning, knowing that the einsteins would be clawing at the door to go outside and play, because when I looked out the window in the dark morning, it took my breath away.
The snow was beautiful.
I whispered a quiet prayer of thanksgiving to heaven for the most beautiful sunrise I watched as I mixed muffin mix quietly in the quiet kitchen, with just John Denver serenading a sweet ballad of Christmas in the background.
This was going to be a fun day.

The kiddos woke up to see daddy off, and we watched on the phone on our glympse app to make sure he made it down the steep hill leaving our neighborhood. I found it rather ironic that we were so worried for him to go down that hill, when in a matter of minutes we would be yelling in excitement while sledding down its steep embankments.

They were bundled up and went out to start snowmen building while I pulled on the layers of my own snow gear and hunted down the all weather camera.
Evan & his snowman Teenie

Emma & Albert
 The hill was beautiful. There was one little boy there, sledding all on his own, and soon after headed back up the hill, leaving us alone to sled and scream, and yell, and laugh until our cheeks hurt.
Dobby came along, at his own persistence, and had SO much fun running in the snow.

Our pond was stunning.
I was off in my happy thoughts when I heard Dobby fall into the frozen shore of the pond. Luckily, it was just his front paws (good thing about being 4 feet long, I guess?), and I decided we had better cross back to the other side of the hill before it happened again.

Selfie photo bomb by Dobbs.

When I saw that Dobby had chunks of ice on each front toe, I figured we had best go home for a bit to defrost. Our cheeks were red, and our noses runny, and we had ravaged that hill for all it was worth.

After lunch, they want to go back for round two.

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