Thursday, December 5, 2013

{Lego Castros} December 5th

We must have missed something important while we were away! It appears that Harley, Dobby, and CalypsoJanes have been taken to little Barbara and Sam. Usually, that means they will be leaving town for a bit. 
Hello, Barbara! Hello Sam!
It must be so! Here is the family - at the Bricktown bus stop! 
Momma and Daddy have bags packed! I wonder where they are going?
"Taking a trip to Baseplate Bay?" asks mister Roy, the red line driver.
"Not today!" says daddy, "But thank you for stopping, and have a wonderful weekend!"
"Sure thing, Mister Castro! Have a great trip, kids!"
"It's here! It's here!" says little Evan.
"It sure is!", says Momma.
"All aboard the yellow line!" says Emma, and hops aboard, finding a window seat next to her brother. Buses in Bricktown are rarely full, and they always get a window seat. 
"Goodbye, animals! Goodbye, Sam! Goodbye, Barbara!"
With a whoosh of the brake release, the Castros are off in the big yellow bus. 
They pass many trees and rocks, and the bus seems to chug-a-lug harder and harder, as if they are going up a big, big hill.
After hours of driving through forests, sleet, and hail, they begin to see snow!
It looks as though the kids seem to recognize their surroundings!
Where could they be going??


Sidenote: these are written in easy words with a few challenging ones for little evan, who is reading now for the first holiday season!
Good job, Evan! You are reading so well!

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