Monday, December 16, 2013

Dear Santa,

Well, first off, the December growth chart! A little late, I know. 
And now, to the letters for the year!
The einsteins wrote their letters to Santa early this year. They weren't allowed to ask for any electronics because #1, they're always begging to be on the ones we already have, and #2, electronics are expensive! Even for elves to make! SO, the letters, starting with the expensive child...
(drum roll, please!)

(Spankywinks is our house elf - who, unlike every other house in the country does NOT resemble a creepy doll that moves at night)

And our liitle one...
Dear Evan = Dear Santa, from Evan

Darling, right?
Last year, he only asked for a hot wheel car.

I think with the resources Santa saves on his gifts opposed to his sister's, he may be getting that muscle car he'll ask for on his 17th Christmas! ;)

They have gotten all their shopping done already, those two. They got daddy's gifts and each others, and a handful of toys and necessities to send to the less fortunate kiddos of the world. They are working on final handmades for momma? grandparents? who knows - this week.
Good little elves, those two.

Their wish lists for 2013:
Salon/Spa Chair from American Girl
LEGO gift cards
A laptop that turns on (her last hand-me-down has been in a coma for about 4 months now)
St. Louis cardinals ball cap & shirt

LEGO gift cards for the new series minifigs coming in January
Hot wheels
Hot wheels track
Wooden baseball bat (I'm assuming the Louisville slugger from the factory tour)
More legos

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