Monday, December 16, 2013

A trip to the North Pole

This past weekend, we traveled to the North Pole. It was freezing outside and windy, so our imaginations didn't have to work all that hard. 
The first thing we saw was Dasher and Dancer, who has flown Santa here on this ice cold day. Evan was really enjoying watching them, asking how they flew, and I could see his eyes were full of thought, probably bouncing between logic and magic. He stood there for what seemed like a long time (but then again, in that wind, a long time could very well have been 2 minutes. I'm a wuss. I know). I watching him compared to his big sister, whose magic is so fragile and barely hanging on, and wondered how long reindeer would fly the jolly man to our rooftop. How long the big man himself would come to magically squeeze down our brick chimney, and how long his magic toy sack could hold anything (even a shelf!, Evan told us the other day!). 

Inside the Devin tower, huge ornaments hung from the ceilings, they filled planters and decorated trees and overhangs. It was beautiful. There were live carolers singing and stories being read by Mrs. Claus.
 The line to see Santa had made it past the 5 hour mark by the time we arrived. We put our names on the list, but we knew that he would be coming closer to our house this week, so we didn't expect too much. 
 In the craft area, the kiddos wrote Santa letters and colored pictures. Evan says his is a poster for his room. Love him. He was so busy coloring, he had me write his letter as he colored. 

 and now we know what the fur kids want, as well, I suppose. :)
Emma surprised us all with her Santa letter. It was different than the one she had written a couple weeks ago. I asked her if she thought maybe Santa might be confused, but she said "It's SANTA! He knows what I like!", and that was that, because, well, that was that. 
 Emmie's friend wrote hers as well.
 ...and they all mailed them carefully, one by one, into Santa's Mail Box for the trip to his workshop.

 We headed out of the over-crowded building and out into the cold once again to ride the teeny tiny little polar express train and appease their mom by taking pictures in front of the giant ornaments scattered about.

We had planned on a surprise snow-tubing trip close by, but it was really really cold, and we *think* they were sold out of the time we wanted to go anyhow, so we settled for a warm lunch and a Lego minifig instead. 

Home again we go!
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