Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A tad o' SUNSHINE!

It's amazing how fast we take the warmth for granted in summers here. It's easy to do, when your humidity is about 10 degrees higher than hell, but nonetheless...
Yesterday we were graced with a day of 60s. My Cali girls are totally frowing their brows right now because that is downright FUH REE zing in Cali, but here, after the past weeks, 60s = angels singing and church bells ringing and the whole nine yards.
I had a whole morning out with a friend, and we toted around town gathering items for our ugly sweaters-in-the-making and munching down on my fav cadillac queso, and driving with the windows down.
Oh yeah.

Shameless selfie!
After school on Mondays, Em has guitar so the little bit and I spend some one on one together for awhile. This day was so nice that we went for our usual happy hour drinks at sonic (Green apple splush for him, water for me, since I'm STILL coughing!), and when we pulled into the neighborhood I did a 180 in the road ans parked. We were going to go look at the floods of geese and ducks that got stranded here in the winter-storm-in-fall last week. 
He complained.
I pulled the momma card.
He whined.
I gave him the face.
He climbed out.
And then he found a stick, and a smile appeared. And then he decided that he was going to see just how very far he could throw that rock down there, and that one, too, and that one. 

We sunk a battleship of log, we bombed a feather, we even threw a robber into the cool water.
He. Was. LOVING it.
(You see, baby? Mommy is ALWAYS right!)
and then it was time to get sister.
and he complained.
and I pulled the momma card.
and he whined.
and I gave him the face.
and he trudged down the path to school with me.

and then he had an idea!
and then he skipped.
and then he raced his boot-laden momma, and won.
and then he found sister.

and back up the path we went.
and back to the pond we went.

and he showed her how to sink ships, and throw robbers away like super heroes do, and how to bomb feathers. 
And she showed him how to "skip rocks like Papa", and throw rocks beyond something to make them float back to shore, and make a rock store for each other.
and their coughing momma thanked the heavens for the warm sun on her face,
and the giggles of  the little ones who light up my life,
and the hour of the day that her prince charming would drive over that bridge headed home and the kids would jump in his car because momma was TIRED and ready to head home, because MAN, coughing takes it OUT of you!, But, you know. The robbers needed throwing, and the store was selling out of rocks like hotcakes, and momma just couldn't end it all just yet. 

But prince charming came to the screams of "Daddy's coming! Daddy's coming!"
And they climbed into his car
And up the hill towards home they went.

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