Saturday, November 16, 2013

Veterans' Day, and the annual assembly

the annual assembly to honor the elementary school student's veterans was, as usual, a touching success. 
uncle k drove up for the 8:00 event (driving over an hour to get here!). 
all the kids love to hear that he was a graduate from this very school decades ago. 
the teachers, too. 
(especially the librarian, who was the very same one back then!)

the air force veterans standing during their theme song.

the proud einsteins and their uncle...

...and their even prouder grandad.

this proud vet told us all about the jet planes he worked on during his years of active duty in the air force.
he even had photos he took from the planes mid-air!

thank you for all you do for us all, countrymen.
and thank you even more to my big brother, who woke up early on his day off to make two (okay, maybe a few more) hearts happy. love you bunches!!

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  1. So glad that your school is able to take the time out of all of that standardized testing (rrrr) to pay tribute to our servicemen (and women!) What a wonderful day and so thankful that your brother could come and join in the events with you!


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