Sunday, November 3, 2013

Time Travel

it didnt surprise me at all that the einsteins awoke an hour early this morning, after all, we did just time travel an hour behind in our sleeps. i always wake the morning after pondering what i could have been doing for that extra hour instead of using it as an extra hour of visiting neverland in my slumber. there's a really cool race we thought about running that brings it all into persepective when you cross the finish line before you even started at the starting line, but then the idea of a cold, dark, run sets in, and the Egyptian cotton seems a whole lot more inviting.

to honor this day, we shall time travel back to the november 3rds of the past...

2003: Emms taking a nap with bun-bun at our tiny house in sunnyvale. presh.

2004: San Francisco zoo. Ems and I went every first tuesday of the month to visit our furry friends there. 

2005: daddy had a meeting this day and we had to take a timer-induced selfie to capture to the hotness. oh, and thats back when em and i could BOTH fit Old Navy kids clothes. we matched ALL. the. time.

2006: date night at the TGI fridays we frequented. this was 2 months after eli passed away. i remember i was STILL trying to smile without looking like a bad school picture of fakeness.

2007: our first year back in OK. em was learning to adore pistol pete and all other great things orange.

2008: our own rainbow baby was born, and this was our attempt to match the boys. (neither could fit in ON kids)

2009: omg hes so cute. loved the one-on-one time we spent at the parks and places to go while sister and daddy were away for the day. 

2010: em and grandad go to the Sound of Music. (and Harley photo bombs)

2011: Evan takes class mascot Freddie the Frog grocery shopping. (hey, i just grab the pictures from the dates, theres no telling what comes up)

2012: Em & isa posing together. i actually had about 30 of these, all different. crazy kids. love them.

2013: okay, so this was actually november 2nd, but whatever. its early.
i dont know what they were looking at (at different times no less), but it sure was cute!
wishing you all a happy sunday!

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  1. You must be delightfully disciplined in dumping photos on a daily basis. Me? Notsogood. Well, and we've had a computer crash.

    A nice trip through the EMCX3 file o' life on November 3!

    1. No way! I *try* to dump pics once a month but usually ends up longer! but I name them all by date and folder them by month/yr so I just go back and grab the folder I want lat on.
      We had a crash once and I cried so badly hubs bought me two external drives to copy them to so (in theory) it wouldn't lose them all again, but now I have to remember to copy them over! Eyeing those automatically copying ones for my Santa list.... ;)


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