Saturday, November 30, 2013

Route 66 Marathon

Last weekend, the fam drove up to tulsa for the big Route 66 Marathon, and all its glorious events. Since packet pick-up wasn't allowed the day of the kids' races and mine, we drove up on a friday and stayed the whole weekend, which, for the kids, was the bees knees, because we got to stay in a hotel. A HOTEL!! 
The running expo, as usual, sucked us in with its flavored goo packs and running headbands that don't slip and anti-gravity treadmills and enough stickers to plaster an entire passenger train full. The einsteins found Filmore's cousin, and we all loaded up on the free gloves, first aid kits, germ-x and of course, graffiti'd our stack of runner signs. 
Filmore's cousin.
Saturday morning came at a nice cool 27 with a strong wind chill. fabulous.
em and i ran the 5k, well, sorta, i guess. to save my IT bands, i walked the first half and ran the second, more for warmth than anything else.

that wind, though...

 i lost emms around the gatorade slushie station (not supposed to be slushy), and she walked it in the rest of the way. our toes and fingers were numb, and talking was just out of question, unless you wanted to hear what it would sound like if your tongue was numb and falling out of your mouth. BUT, we earned our foil blankets and cold rolls and made it to watch evan crossing the fun run line, huddling under a stand heater that really didn't seem to do much, but the thought was nice. 

way to go, little guy!
the fab four with our day one medals.
the boys and their fun run medals
that night, uncle K came to stay with us since he was running the marathon with hubbs. 
luckily, he has a nagging sister that refused to let him leave with just shorts on, because the day was colder than expected. people everywhere were deciding to opt out of the race due to the below freezing temps, but the boys were set on it, and it was, after all, hubby's first official marathon run.
the kiddos and i, wrapped up like randy and ralphie on their way to school, headed to the starting line to watch for the boys to pass by.
and they're off!
good luck!!
uncle k and his goo!
the einstein loved the confetti explosions while they ran through, and ended up carrying back a handful for the guys as momentos.
We ended up finding a great spot to catch them twice. once as they passed and once on the return. the good news was that it was a couple buildings away from a cute little coffee shop. the bad news was we were stuck inside the race barricades until the end.
coffee shop stop!
the weather had warmed up to 25 by the second half of the race.
the kids were busy on their ipods while we awaited the boys arrival, so i decided to photograph the legocastros.
uncle k and hubby running by!
run! run! run!
and then, uncle k came running by!

 and a few minutes later, hubby did, too. 
my frozen heart was swelling with so much pride!

they were both still pretty high spitited at that point. they had left the half marathon runners, and were headed onto the second half of their 26.5 mile run. 

the way back was different. they were running slower, shorter steps. people were being picked up by the race vehicles and wrapped in blankets and driven back. hands were limp and numb, hair was covered in icicles of frozen sweat, and drool and snot were frozen to faces like a disturbing version of the duck dynasty brothers facial hairs. 

i checked the faces of the runners every time the carts drove by with a load of people. i was hoping they were doing okay, staying somewhat warm. i was praying waves of safety and strength when i heard uncle k's shouts. it was like horton hearing his whoo, and i was elated!

hubby had stopped at a water station to warm his hands by a fire pit. he was slowly making his way back to us, and when he finally arrived, we swapped his wet gloves with warm dry ones, filled with toe warmers (they were out of hand ones - opening season for rifle hunting in oklahoma - what'd i expect?), and off he went.

i begged the security man to allow us to leave the barricade, and after a few minutes of pleading and pouting, he let me sneak out, and we drove towards the finish area, which was good, because uncle k was absolutely frozen, and couldn't make it to anywhere warm.
we picked him up, a frozen uncle, shaking and shuddering like the little match girl and drove around to find the best place to pick up my man candy while uncle k was defrosting.
we found a good parking lot and waited for him to make his way through the tent city at the finish line. 
he had done it.
his first marathon.
in below temperature weather.

they had both survived, and i couldnt help but well up with tears that they were both safe and warm(ing), and we could go home.  

the kids swag
hubbys swag
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