Saturday, November 16, 2013

ornaments, v.2013

to evan, for showing mommy that you are capable of being outside the bubble wrap i try so hard to keep you in (and then riding with no hands just to see her gasp in fear), a four-wheeler ornament. zoom, zoom, baby!

to eli, for watching over us all, for pouring rain upon our earth, for keeping our faith all the stronger, a pair of wings. fly, baby boy, fly!

to emma, for being recognized in your strengths, for having a heart of gold, for going for it, a hollywood scene marker. (I couldnt find a magazine or american girl ornament!). shine, sweetie, shine!!

to hubby, for always having to be the responsible one, a PS3 remote. remember to have fun, too!

and to me, another camera, because, well, that's me!

cheers to the best yet!

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  1. My heavens, girl-- do you have the tree up already? ;) I admit that I had to put 8 different trees up at work. Couldn't do it now if I tried. Give me a few more weeks.

    Groovin' ornaments! My hubs would love the controller that you found!

    1. Yesssss. I do. But ONLY because I couldn't unpack fast enough to decorate for fall! So when I came across the tree, up it went! I don't have anything else up yet, though...I'm just a *little* bit crazy...but I blame it on hobby lobby!!! ;)


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