Tuesday, November 5, 2013


fall has always been my favorite.
i always thought that when god called eli back home, he knew that fall would be the better time to do it. that way, the years following would have a god-made bandaid of colors, leaves, cool breezes, and pumpkins to hold me close in his beauty when i found myself sad and alone in my sorrowful thoughts.
did you know i had his costume all ready that year?
that his "coming home" outfit was washed and pressed and hanging on the door knob of a closet he would never use.
that his car seat was installed, ready for his day to come home with us.
but instead, he went home to his heavenly family, and we are blessed to have had him for those 8 months. 
and we always have fall.
the cool days and nights don't seem so harsh and cold when there are warm colors, and fire pits and pumpkin spice lattes and flowers from hubby just because.
people are starting to need christmas card photos done, and we are trying to squeeze them in with about a 30 minute warning for them all. (get your outfits picked, people! you're on call!)
evan came with me last week and helped scope out some good spots :)
the morning was gorgeous.
cool and quiet.
the kids had taken off on their bikes and left me alone with the ducks and dew drops and breezes full of leaves.
moments like that spark a desire deep within your soul to thank god with every cell in your body for that second of your life.
the beauty, the blessings, the good.
let your sorrows, your worries, your doubts go on the wind like falling leaves.
our driveway this morning was absolute perfect.
the kids and i just sat there in the car starring for the longest time.
the little voices in the back oohing and awwwing at the beauty that is fall.
with all the stuff in our garage, i havent been able to park inside for months and it's a constant source of complaint for me. to be honest, i hate it.
but sometimes you get one of those days when god leaves you a little note on your windshield in the form of a colorful leaf, sparkly raindrops, the reflection of your children, and you read it.
and you know.
and you apologize for taking life for granted.
happy fall, everyone!
i hope you find this day with beauty and blessings.
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