Saturday, November 30, 2013

cookies! and the closing of november

I decided to give the einsteins a "end of november" gift this year. When I found this set of christmas cookies, I knew this was the thing. The einsteins LOVE these wooden food sets that you "cut" with wooden knives. We have the vegetable tray as well, and some bread? 
 They immediately began baking the cookies, and serving them up for hubby & I to enjoy. 

 and then we started getting hungry for real christmas cookies, and I was all "let's go to wal-mart and get a cookie dough roll JUST like that one! and you guys can bake REAL cookies!!" 
and they were all "Yaaaaaaaaayyyyy!"
and daddy was all "Well, go get dressed, then!"
and I was all "No way! It's Saturday! and its WalMart! Lets all go in our pajamas like all the other walmart peoples!"
and the kids were all "Yaaaaaayyyy!"
and daddy was all "uhhh...ohkayyy..."
and off we went in our pajamas to walmart and scooped up a couple rolls of dough and all the colors of frosting they had, and came home again.
and the kids baked. 

 the first batch was too full.
the second batch was too small.
But the last batch was juuuuuust right!
 and then the decorations began.


 aren't the ADORABLE?!?
yummy, too!


so then, beacuse it's not freezing outside, I forced the kiddos outside with me to close up november.
the fall decorations on the porch had to move to the back woods, and I needed a man with a four-wheeler to do the job. (even if it was having carburetor issues...)
we hooked up the wagon, and loaded all the pumpkins into it (and a white one made a snazzy hood ornament), and off they went!

 on the way back to pick up the hay bales, evan got a ride in the back.

 hold it right there, sister!
 and then the carburetor went kaput again (can anyone fix this?!?), so we wagoned the next two hay bales back to the woods, where they and their pumpkin friends will become targets once emma's red ryder makes it back home.
 then, we swept the porch, potted a couple baby christmas trees, and headed back in for some cookies and egg nog.
so long, november!

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