Wednesday, October 9, 2013

october, and the rainbow baby

Happy October!!
My little pumpkins are growing, growing and i can't get them to stop!!
meanwhile, I have been busy with a kazillion things that keep from blogging! 
one of which is the long awaited rainbow baby!

In life, there are storms. big, gloomy, dark storms full of turmoil and sadness. when a rainbow appears afterwards, it brings a ray of hope that things are going to start to get better. the rainbow after a storm is appreciated so much more after the storm than just having ridden out the storm and it ending.
The storm of a lost child can never be changed or taken away. the dark clouds may still hang overhead for a long time, but something bright and colorful and magic has arisen afterwards, out of the storm and that is the rainbow baby. 

but THIS rainbow baby, wow.
she's about like that double rainbow youtube guy.
Baby S arrived after a big ol' storm. 
After several rounds of infertility treatments for unknown infertility, her sister, Aubrey was concieved. 
Aubrey was a perfect little girl, even after being stillborn at 32 weeks. After the months upon months upon months of trying to become pregnant, and 8 months of an easy, happy pregnancy, Aubrey had a cord accident. and the storm raged.
The first rainbow baby came in the form of a little boy whose birth mother had been sent to them by faith alone. he was brought home to a mob of balloons and friends and family and anxious dogs, and a home filled to the brim with love. 
the infertility study at a university close by had finished up, and another baby had come up for adpotion. a little girl to be born a few months later. but mom and dad had to think for a moment if they were ready.
 (and they were!, this i know.)
but that moment of pause, that half a second of thought, led them to believe that maybe they weren't.
it was frustrating.
i couldn't understand.

but then, a couple months later, a shaking, nervous, shocked momma came by and told me.
the test was positive.
god knew they weren't ready for that little girl. and that pause said it all.
they didn't understand why, we didn't understand why, but He was.

and after the longest pregnancy EVER (beacuse rainbow baby pregnancies are around 37 years long, i swear), baby sarah was welcomed to this world.

and daddy and momma can breathe now.
and big brother Joseph has a new best friend.
and big sister aubrey is painting a bright new rainbow across the sky.
and the world is good.

welcome, rainbow baby!
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  1. and God is good! beautiful post, Heidi. But maybe give me a "cry warning" if I'm going to read this at work??


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