Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Mummy & Son Dance 2013

Ev and I attended the first Mummy & Son dance last weekend (after begging and begging while buying tickets for the yearly dad/dot dance that they do this!).
The squeaking wheel has been oiled!

We dressed up in costume and headed out to dance the night away, and dance, we did.

Among other things, including his fav chik-fil-a nuggets, we had gummy worm ice cubes in our drinks.
We had a BLAST! Dancing like no one was watching, laughing our heads off, and singing like that guy who yodels for ricola. And, by the way, my kid has MOVES.
Serious moves.
Apparently our constant dance-party-in-the-living-room lifestyle has paid off.
Check it out (or click HERE.)

We had barely made it home, 5 pounds lighter from sweat loss, when this happened.

Partied HARD, my friends.

I had a superfun time with you, my little peanut of a date. 
Thank you for being my partner in fighting crime, in dancing like there was no tomorrow, and for reminding me how so very blessed I am to have a son to take me to the mummy & son dance.


i love you 1000 monster mashes!!

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  1. We're thinking about having a "Sock" hop so that no one gets left out! Wonderful time to be had by all, eh? I'm sure that both of you slept well that night!


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