Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween GranParty 2013!

The 2nd annual Halloween party out at the cabin was last weekend (and was VERY impatiently awaited for!) Grandad & Grandar did an AWESOME job this year! The kids each got to bring one friend, and we arrived to a graveyard of hilarious gravestones. 
 The grands even dressed up!!
 I love this.

 The kids each got a serving of slime in their beakers...

...and the menu included witch fingers, mummy mouths, monster bones, pumpkin cake, ogre thumbs, bloody rats (complete with guts and a heart inside), and brain dip. Yummy? 

There were games afterwards, too.
Pumpkin bowling...

...and the blindfolded feel test. 

 The kids LOVED it! 
Hubby couldn't come. He was home with a friend putting electricity into half of our kitchen (yay!), but boo!

 Thank you for all your hard work! We had a GREAT time!!

Happy Halloween!!
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