Friday, September 27, 2013

Take one down, pass it around, 2 fat squirmy caterpillars in the hospital now...

so. some of you have been curious about my chubby running partner from the other day. well, he cocooned that evening, and upon research, we think he'll probably be there until spring. (which means we get to keep that cocoon nice and cozy for months on end. yay.) the cool thing is, we think he's a luna moth! 
not my photo
AND, even more interesting is that this gorgeous moth only lives about a week when it emerges. long enough to find a mate and lay eggs (if you're of the egg laying gender). they DON'T EVEN HAVE MOUTHS!!! we better be on the ball come spring! im not being held responsible if the tribute from district castro is late...

so then, today, i was preparing the yard for the storms this weekend, putting the insect hospital tent away and all the tables and chairs and limbs that needed to be cut and tied and such and such, and i came upon this adorable little guy.
(please ignore the elephant skin...)

now, before i go on, i must say that if you find one, STOP! some people have gotten welts or rashes on their skin from these little pomeranian looking caterpillars. i didn't, but i have pretty tough skin, and he only crawled around my hand a bit, i didnt touch the black "lashes" on top, which, apparently can cause these "stings". (think dory and the jellyfish, only, NOT the tops). Probably wont let the einsteins handle this one, even though hes so darn cute and cuddly you want to wear him on your necklace.

he's an american dagger moth. or, he will be. one day. i hope. 

not quite as pretty as luna, but then again, how many moths are? 
our particular caterpillar is actually almost white, which means he's almost ready to cocoon up for the winter. do you think he minds sharing a room with luna? im running out of critter cages! ;)

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