Monday, September 9, 2013


fall hasn't yet arrived, but the mornings are cool now.
i have to rest my I.T. bands again, so running is on a small break, and coffee on the back porch makes for an earlier, less sweaty breakfast.
saturday was perfect out. 
like one of those mornings you wish you could bottle up in a jar and use on a cold frosty day. the warm sun slowly rising, the trees lighting up with its glow inch by inch.
the einsteins were busy this perfect morning, with no dew on the ground, but cool breezes through the branches.

the summer heat arrived a couple hours later, and forced us all inside again. 
but for a few hours, a romantic morning from childhoods past was here in our backyard.
and the renovations were forgotten about, and pajamas were the prefect attire, and the coffee was warm, and the day was cool.
and i was reminded just how very very blessed i am.

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