Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Natural Falls State Park

To celebrate Labor Day and Eli's Birthday, and the weekend, and, well, just everything in general, we headed off to Natural Falls, which is on the border of Oklahoma & Arkansas. I mean, after all, a waterfall? In Oklahoma? Gotta see this. I figured, now is the time! With all the rain, it's probably as falling of water as it's going to get. We woke up early, grabbed a lunch of epic proportions (water and jerky, folks! livin the life!), picked up Grandad & Garndar, and headed east.
The initial hike down to the falls was steep, but easy.

it was no niagra falls, but it was falling, and it was shaded and pretty. The 2010 movie Where the Red Fern Grows was partially filmed here. The grands bought the movie, and sure enough! Natural Falls was on there!
We left the falls to hike along dripping springs trail, which followed the stream and had a swimming hole (too mossy to swim in).
Can you believe this view??
(btw, if I were a bigfoot, I'd SO live here!)

One day, when the leaves change color and the weather is a bit cooler (and all that poison ivy is gone!!), im heading back to walk all the trails. I think the lady told me that all of them put together equaled 4 miles. Some were tougher than others, but they were all well worn. 
It was a great day, and they all fell asleep on the ride home. (well, except me, who zonked out as soon as I got home and slept until balloon time!)
Know of any waterfalls you can actually swim UNDER? Lemmie know! Em is just dying to do it!
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