Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Monarch Migration Festival!

On saturday, in the very last minute, we decided to drive on down to the monarch migration festival. we had planned on running the juke joint jog again this year, but with some of us just recovering from the dreaded strep throat, we decided to pass and do a less wearin'-out-the-body type dealio. 
We have been trying to get to this festival for years now (along with the bigfoot festival!), but there always seems to be something that takes priority. but not this year! Not this time! (rises fist in the air)
we hopped in the car with two pairs of old butterfly wings from the dress-up tote in the garage and headed south.

 the monarchs migrate down to mexico every fall. the festival had been cancelled the past two? years now due to drought. this year was better with the rain, but the monarchs were still in Kansas this weekend. Still, we saw a few marathon fliers that were leading the pack.

evan decided that a dinosaur would compliment his green wings well, and who ever heard of a turquoise dinosaur who knows, but she didn't have green and that was that and he pulled it off well. cowboy boots, green wings, and a turquoise dinosaur pained on his face. 
this kid ROCKS.

 we got to go get educated on different butterflies and moths from a branch of the OSU extension. Evan was pretty upset that we don't get these giant, pretty, monster sized butterfiles in our yard. But who am I kidding, I was feeling pretty jealous, too. gimmie those wings, south america!!!
 em waited in line a little longer for the "prfessional" face painter to do hers.

 they each caught a sulpher butterfly and put them in the "to be tagged & released" tent.

 and then we waited.
and while we waited, we researched monarchs and how we go about getting our own tags for next year.

this guy was tagged and sent back on his way to mexico! 
 at last, there was the butterfly parade, led by mother milkweed.

theyre all sitting in a giant caterpillar!
happy travels, monarchs!
see you next year!

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  1. We do tag monarchs for migration! Look up and they will tell you what you need to know about establishing a monarch waystation (what we have done) and purchasing tags. Took me many years to get the gardens established enough to tag. See if you can go to see Flight of the Butterflies. That will fill you in on the tagging history. If you have q's, just email me and ask!


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