Monday, August 26, 2013

The Mysterioooooo Trip

On Saturday, Daddy had a plan. He told the kids to get ready, and we all piled in the van. There were a lot of questions coming from the depths of the back seat, but we weren't talking. This was a surprise trip. 
We plan on taking more of these, so we asked the kids what we should name these kinds of trips. Em came up with "Mysteriooooo", and she pretty much veto'd every other name that came along. We have yet to settle, but for now,
Myteriooooo trip #001 : Keystone Dam
We've been in a drought for what, 5 years now? So when a friend told us that they had opened the dam, daddy wanted to take the kids to see it. When we pulled up, we had NO idea what was waiting for us.
 The sidewalk that goes alongside the reservoir was almost level with the water. As the small waves hit, the water would come up over the sidewalk, and in it were THOUSANDS of shad! 

 Some of them would even jump out of the water like tiny little dolphins. 
Emma helped out a new friend catching shad for her dad, who was using them as catfish bait.
 (We decided that we also need a mysterioooooo box that comes along with us with things like nets, flip flops not of the designer kind, and other things we just may need, but who knows).
Daddy got tired of me mentioning that we needed more videos of our fam, so he strapped up the GoPro and wore it around. We got a few strange looks, but the video was PRICELESS!

 We found a fisherman that was trying to catch some shad for bait, but his net was too big. The shad would fall right through. He found that if he flung them ashore, he had a bit longer to catch them before they swam back to the water. Emma was helping catch them. (and this, my friends, is where that video footage was GOLD. GOLD, I tell you!) 
(and you totally need to sing "It's rainin' shad...hallelujah its rainin' shad...)
Evan wanted his picture by this sign. He wasn't thrilled with the fish, and the wet feet, and the smell, and the fish heads littering about, so when he asked for this picture, by George he got it! 
 We stopped by one of the roadside oddities close by - a cemetery in the middle of a shopping center parking lot. Very odd, indeed. Especially since behind me was a strip club. These ghouls know how to party!
One of the "rules" of these Mysteriooooos is that we have to eat somewhere that is unique and we've never before eaten at. So we drove around and ended up somewhere around Sapulpa or Sand Springs.
...and we ate at the Old Town Cafe. 
It wasn't great, but it wasn't gross. It had AWESOME fresh rolls, though. 

We returned home to pack up the big einstein for a slumber party and pack the boys and i for a night at the motocross races. 
Hubby's friend was racing. The track was full of obstacles and mud and jumps and bumps. It was pretty cool.

 Evan and my favorite part was the 4-wheeler races. (Although now he's asking for a mud pit in the back yard...)
We made it home in time to drop like flies on our pillows and dream of shad and mud

Thanks for the trip, hubby! We all had a BLAST! What a GREAT idea.
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