Monday, August 26, 2013

Random Rambles on Running and such

So today was my first day of "walk the kids to school, run around for awhile, end back at home". I ended up running for about 30 minutes before hitting the shower. It doesn't seem all that long, really, but when you're running, geez. Am I right? For. Eh. Vuh.
I couldn't quite get my running playlist to work today, so I ended up running sans tunes and before I knew it, my brain began outrunning me. First, it was wondering how far i would get without crossing a street (now that the college kids are back, well...lets just say we're all a little safer away from the streets). It rambled on thinking of Christopher Lane and wondering what he was listening to when he was taken from this earth too soon. Did he even know what happened? Was his girlfriend sitting there at home on the couch watching his little blue dot moving around on the "Glympse" app like I do when hubby is off on a run? Would she have noticed the mph went to zero, and that blue dot was stoppped by the roadside? What if it happened to me? Am I wearing clean underwear? Who would they find in my phone to call first to ID me? Did I remember to tell everyone I loved them this morning? Aww, poor toad. I hope he didnt get squished on purpose. Pew. He smells nasty. I need to mow when I get home. Shower, then mow? Mow then shower? Where are all these cars coming from? Oh yeah, middle school starts later now. How far have a run? I wish i could run with an icee. omg this hill is going to kill me. run faster! That old couple is walking faster than you're running!! Fail. Man I wish i had my Turbo song. 
and then I thought about people. and how funny it is that sometimes God places people in your life and you don't even know why until much later. and sometimes you lose them, and sometimes they lose you, and sometimes they quietly stay, and sometimes not so quietly. When I was small, we moved away from all the extended family we had, and I missed having grandparents so very much. I had wonderful grandparents, and friends going to gpas for the weekend, or gparents day lunch at school always seemed to hurt me more than it should have. i dont think anyone else even noticed. but I did. I was going to make sure that my kids always had family nearby. No matter what.
But life has its way of pushing you and pulling you in different directions, and sometimes the best choice isn't the easiest one, and leaving my family for hubby's job at Stanford Univ was a hugely hard choice, since emma was a mere 6 months old. Now, 10 years later, we are back home and almost all the grands are relatively close and I caught myself saying that "FINALLY, I had ensured the einsteins had grandparents for grandparents day lunch and for saturday playdates and suprise visits and cute back-to-school outifts and such. And THEN, I realized, I hadn't really lost that at all. God had placed us across the street from "Brown Granma" in California. She loved Em like her own. She would praise the skies with her first steps, her first words, and her first day of school. Brown Gpa would sing opera in the mornings while dusting off his car and Em and I would giggle and I would almost burst the mornings that she tried to sing along. She HAD grandparents the whole time, and i didn't even think twice about it.
Now that we've returned, and the einsteins have their grands, I realized that I had found my own as well. After my Gma Mable passed away (who i had adopted in college), it left a void that I think hubby was a little tired of hearing about. It was almost like her stories growing up never left, and I would tell them over and over again to whoever would listen. But then we met the Phillips, and that void was filled in just a bit by these two wonderful people and their weenie dog, Lucy. 
(don't ask - he was mad about a dessert, and i'll leave it at that.)
This was at their 60th wedding anniversary party a couple weeks ago. Oh, I cannot WAIT until that's where hubby and I are. Sitting in our church, surrounded by all the family and friends that love us so much and have watched us grow with each other for SIXTY years! Be still my heart!
I'm a little sad, though.
They're making an AWESOME move back to Ohio with their daughter, who was offered a fabulous job at one of the universities there, and I can't be any more happy for them, but I hate to see them go, my sweet little Okie grandparents.
Although I love my grands stretched all across the world, I'm now accepting resumes to fill the local spot.. Anyone want to adopt an adult granddaughter and her family?!? No experience needed, but cookies are a plus! :)

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  1. What lovely stories you tell Heidi; you have a great sense of humour and area a natural story teller!

    Oh, I have to let you know, we have a research student in our school (in Stirling, Scotland) and she is over from the States studying her PHD at Edinburgh University and she is your double!! It's so funny!

    I really hope all is well with your husband and scans are normal. Oh, Good luck with the Grandparent hunt.

  2. I made you cookies last week, does that count for anything?


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