Friday, August 9, 2013

Hello, August!

I'm not quite sure how it got here, this august. really. I think of all the summers ever in my 35 years, this one has probably gone by the fastest. not ready to lose my kids to school, that's for sure! I enrolled them last week. It always astonishes me that public school is free, yet I walk out of there having written over $300 in checks. Now, granted there are yearbooks and t-shirts and the lot to shell out for, but the school supply fee of $35/kid is plain ridiculous. I guess as a teacher/mom, you know you can get all their supplies for about an eighth of that cost if you shop right, but whatever. Sign on the line and move on, sista.

Our plan of ditching the extra curricular activities to rein in our tween seemed to work pretty well, and, as promised, we will let them loose on one sport and one "other" for the year. This proves hard for the emster. She's torn, but I think she's decided on soccer and guitar. I was a little sad to see her veer from running with me, I will miss our conversations under sweaty, panting breaths. But so is life, and she is spreading those wet wings of hers. Ev is more ...blah?...about the whole thing? He's good with whatever. Em's doing soccer? Sounds good. Sign me up. He'll be an easy one.

This house.
Oh, this house.
Where do i start? (No, really...)
We have had a giant blue dumpster permanently affixed to our driveway for almost a month already! After the moldy floor was removed and replaced, we have been pulling the cabinets out as time allows and adding them to the belly of the big blue beast. It's been storming quite regularly in these here parts as well, so the limbs of trees affected by the last few years of drought have added to the pile as well. The entryway floor has been pulled out and replaced as well, and a new front door is in the works (hopefully before those "first day of school" pictures make their debut!).

I'm not a fan of you, hot, sticky Augustus. You symbolize yucky weather, the end of summer vacation, and mark the growth of the two little einsteins for another year of back-to-school days. BUT, you are the gateway to fall, my favorite time of year. The king koopa I must defeat before I get to the next level.
Buckle up, momma bear. The war has begun!!

Happy August!

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